Can I Add Tracking Codes For Social Media Analytics In Squirrly?

Yes. With Squirrly, you can control your social media promotions and take control of your eCommerce metrics.

In the Tracking Tools section, you need to add the tracking codes for Google Analytics, Facebook and Pinterest.

tracking codes

Also, there’s one other feature we need to mention here, which is extremely exciting: the Facebook Pixel integration.

You can now configure it in Squirrly without having to write a line of code. That way, you will get better control over your Facebook business page.

Last, but certainly not least, you can use the Rich Pins option which allows you to control how Pinterest displays your product pages.

Learn more about the Tracking Tools section in Squirrly SEO.

Can I Edit How My Posts Look Like In Search Engine Results?

Yes, of course.

It’s really easy to do it with Squirrly SEO because at the bottom of each post you have the snippet section from where you can change the title and the description set for your post.

Search Engine Results

If you don’t change the meta description, then Squirrly will set it according to the first 160 characters from your post.

We recommend editing the snippet so that you can get people’s attention in search engine results and get them to click on your page.

You can read more tips about this here.

How Can I Make My Site Stand Out In Search Results?

You’ve probably seen until now that there are some websites, including big ones, which show up in search results and all the important information about the company are nicely listed on the right side of the screen.

search results

That is because those websites use JSON-LD, which is a semantic SEO markup solution and it represents a simple way of making data more accessible, especially for Google.

Don’t be intimidated by how that sounds, because it’s not complicated at all. Not if you use Squirrly to implement it.

Find out how you can take advantage of this amazing feature.

What’s A Sitemap And Why Do I Need One?

A sitemap is an XML file which contains URL which Google can crawl and index and so search engines can learn more about your site, such as how you organize it and metadata about your pages.


Through the sitemap, you can also give Google important information about the images and videos you use in your pages.

Having a sitemap can help your site be discovered more easily by crawlers and it’s especially important if you have a lot of pages and if you add new content regularly.

Read all about the XML sitemap generated by Squirrly.

What should I do after I buy the PRO version for Starbox – Author Box for Humans on WordPress?

The question:

“I bought the Starbox pro version http://starbox.squirrly.co/product/starbox-the-author-box-for-humans/ and did not get my zip download with the plugin.  Can someone help me out here?”

The Answer:

“Please login to your account here:


and then go over to:


There you will be able to download the zip for the PRO version.

After first install, your WordPress will always receive notifications of new updates and then you’ll be able to update your plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard, without having to re-download the file from your starbox.squirrly.co account.

Thank you for your order.

Best regards,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly”

Can I use the Keyword Planner tool from Google for SEO?

NO. Never.

Short Answer: The Google Keyword Planner tool will show you more Search Volume than it should for SEO purposes. Meaning that it will show you in how many Search Queries it can display your Ad. It does not show you how many people search for that keyword on Google.

Long Answer: In the past even good SEO experts have used the old Keyword Research tool from Google Adwords. Make sure that you understand that tool is no longer existent. They have taken it down and replaced it with the Keyword Planner tool. This new tool is 100% designed to help search advertisers, not search engine optimization professionals.

It’s for buying ads, not for deciding how to serve smart organic search listings.

The small thing you could use from it is the part where it suggests keywords, but don’t look at any of the data. None of that data will help you. Here I would recommend tools like the Squirrly Keyword Research Tool (which shows high quantities of useful long-tail keywords) or Keywordtool.io or Ubersuggest.

Squirrly has very advanced algorithms and data sources which have been created for the specific purpose of serving organic content that matches the user’s intent, when the user searches on Google.

In Squirrly, the search volume is shown for: “keyword” (exact match), NOT for keyword (broad). The keyword planner from Google is not to be used for SEO purposes because it offers keyword info to be used in search advertising, not in organic. Therefore, they show volumes for broad searches and sometimes even similar, because those are SERPs where they could also show your ad, even though it’s not 100% your exact match keyword.

How do you calculate the search volume reported in keyword research?

The search volume data is based on API information that comes from SEMrush. In very few cases we estimate it ourselves.

In case you see differences between what we show and Keyword Planner from Google or other similar tools here is the explanation:

The search volume is shown for: “keyword” (exact match), NOT for keyword (broad).

The keyword planner from Google is not to be used for SEO purposes because it offers keyword info to be used in search advertising, not in organic.

Therefore, they show volumes for broad searches and sometimes even similar, because those are SERPs where they could also show your ad, even though it’s not 100% your exact match keyword.

What can you tell us about Squirrly SEO 2016 vs Squirrly SEO 2017

This is what everyone has been wondering about lately and we finally reveal all the changes.

It took a while to get this page ready, because we’ve really improved a lot of aspects of Squirrly SEO. We had to make sure that we’re helping people do exactly what Google 2017 wants, with all the latest changes in the ranking factors AND also with all the latest focus on social media.

I’m saying Google 2017, because I want to make it obvious that we are 100% committed to making all the right changes inside of our software. To better express the changes from Squirrly SEO 2016 to Squirrly SEO 2017, we’re using the G16 vs G17 elements in design.

Very soon, the badges for each G will be available to you in the plugin.

Without further ado, I present to you:

Squirrly SEO 2016 vs 2017.

Keyword Research – G17. The best Keyword Research Tool Available for WordPress was re-designed to a whole new Level.

We’ll soon have more info available about our Market Intelligence: Keyword Research tools. You can read what we already have available here.. Until then, I want to show you some of the most visible changes you’ll notice.

3x Times More Long Tail Keywords than the G16 version of the Keyword Research Tool

seo longtail keywords wordpress

The algorithm changes we’ve made helps us give you 3x times more Long-Tail Keywords. This is massive SEO value. Your focus should be on long-tail keywords because people who search for long-tails have a much clearer intention of making an action if the content is good. (buy action, subscribe action, time on page, check other pages, etc.)

Super Efficient. Data Driven.

The Keyword Research tool that you get from Squirrly SEO 2017 is more powerful than ever, thanks to its integration with the rest of the Market Intelligence features we place at your finger tips.

One of the biggest parts of our Market Intelligence features is Web Authority and all the website stats we collect from all around the web.

We take this data into account starting with Squirrly SEO 2017 to give you better suggestions for what people search on the web, to see the search volumes, the trends and the web authority of the websites you’re trying to compete with for different search queries.

market intelligence

2x More Countries Added – Soon to add even more.

We’ve integrated with data that we get about the search behavior of users from many other countries. Since the g16 version of our Keyword Research Tool we’ve added 2 times more countries that you can choose from.

Whenever you choose a certain country in our Keyword Research tool, it will start showing you how the people in THOSE countries search for the keyword ideas you have. This gives you the right information you need to tackle your desired market.

Our algorithm is better than ever and we’ve completely redesigned it. This allows us to add many new countries very soon.

keyword research for local seo

Complete Focus Towards Actionable Data – powered by Market Intelligence.

The general information regarding Keyword Competition wasn’t as helpful as it should have been. You got the same kind of information for a keyword, no matter the site which you were using at that given moment in time.

Since the Keyword Research Tool from Squirrly SEO 2017 has now become part of our Market Intelligence Suite, we now show you a much better metric for each keyword. Oh, and it might be different from site to site.

Easy to Rank Vs. Hard to Rank.

You will no longer get some general info. You will get to see exactly if your current site really has a chance to outrank others if you go and optimize for that keyword.

keyword research competition

My.Squirrly.Co G17 – Your Back-Office for Managing Squirrly feels More Like Your Office.

For us it was really time to get squirrly and start improving our back-office. The place where you kept track of the sites on which you’ve installed the Squirrly SEO Plugin and where you could find invoices and next billing dates.

We want your back-office for using Squirrly SEO to become a real office. That’s why with the g17 version of my.squirrly.co we’re giving you a lot more:

  • See the Latest Updates and Improvements we make for the Squirrly SEO software.
  • See your list of sites and find out if the Audit Suite features of Squirrly had any problems generating the weekly Audit for you.
  • Request a new Audit every single hour. (if you’re doing a lot of work on your WordPress site, this will sure come in handy)
  • Check out your usage stats. Better understand how much you’ve used Squirrly SEO recently.
  • Account Information. This was a missing piece of the puzzle. You can finally get a clear view over your current plan and the number of actions you can still make (like keyword researches, optimizations, etc.)
  • Keyword Research. Yes, we didn’t just make it better. We’re also placing this great re-designed feature inside your my.squirrly.co interface. It will allow you to perform many keyword researches and we’ll give you an option to download the results to CSV.
  • Re-Design. We’ve re-designed it to make it look better and offer more clarity.
  • Find Invoices
  • Find Billing Dates

mysquirrly seo admin

SEO Audit becomes Squirrly Audit Suite.

The Weekly SEO Audit you get from Squirrly SEO has always been a lot more than just an SEO Audit. Especially if you had the PRO version and it gathered data about 100 pages of your WordPress site.

That’s why you’ll start seeing it called the Squirrly Audit Suite. The way it currently “lives” as a piece of software on our servers (yes, we had to buy more servers for the audits to work well) is the following:

  • the Blogging Audit
  • the Traffic Audit (which will get a Google Analytics integration this year)
  • the SEO Audit
  • the Social Media Audit
  • the Links Audit
  • the Web Authority Audit

So, basically it’s not just an SEO Audit that you get from us on a weekly basis (or hourly basis if you request new ones in my.squirrly.co). It’s a full on Audit Suite with different audits made for each marketing area that Squirrly SEO can help you with.

seo audit for wordpress

Other than the announcement of how the software works, how it’s divided into 6 pieces and how we’ll improve one of the audits this year by integrating with GA, I want to tell you that the data these audits provides is much better than it used to be.

The g16 version that we’ve had saw a lot of crawler problems, that we’ve now fixed in the g17 version. Also, after releasing Squirrly SEO 2016 Twitter decided to remove their Twitter shares (favorites and retweets) data from the API and no software provider could find any data about this popularity metric on the web. It’s the reason why we had to take it out for a while. But rest assured: we’re introducing it back again and it works really well!

data for wordpress seo audit

Google Rank -G17. Understand How Well You Rank for Your Keywords. Now made to the full specs of Google 2017.

Remember when I said that Squirrly SEO really makes sense with a monthly or yearly subscription? >> It’s because of many updates like these.

When you make a static plugin or a WordPress theme you don’t really need to work much on it after you release the first stable version. You are never forced to continuously work on it and improve it to someone else’s ever-changing standards.

Well, at Squirrly we don’t really have that luxury of being lazy. We have to keep being squirrly, keep being agitated and agile. We need to keep up with all the latest updates and improve the software for you.

New Year. New Google.

Since our Squirrly SEO 2016 release, Google has changed a lot of things in the way it works. This pushed us to update the system that finds out your Objective keyword rankings on Google.

And I say Objective, because the results you get from us are the actual, 100% accurate results that people see when THEY search online, not when YOU search online. Because Google personalizes your experience, if you try to search for your keywords, you will always get biased data which is not true for the desired customers you target.

squirrly seo according to google

More Countries Added.

We’ve added more countries for which we can display your Google Ranking. The way you rank for Argentina is different than the way you rank for Spain.

More countries are now available, so if you target very specific markets this will surely come in handy.

Images -G17. Copyright-Free, High Quality and in High Volume. Perfect for Your Content.

Based on the keywords you choose for your articles, Squirrly SEO 2017 offers you great looking images that you can place in your content. Many copyright-free images. So many, that in fact we now offer you 4x more copyright-free images than ever before.


  • pexels
  • unsplash
  • pixabay

search images in wordpress seo

Better WordPress Integration.

It’s not only that you get more awesome images. They now get saved (if you choose) directly into your WordPress Media Library and you can continue using them in other WordPress features, plugins or themes.

Inspiration Box -G17. Turn Real Moments Into Stories.

If you want to write your WordPress blog posts like a true journalist you will care a lot about sources and about being in the loop with all the latest news from the blogosphere.

Sometimes the best way to do SEO and Social Media Marketing is to write about trending items. The fact that a trend is currently on the rise means that you can target a new keyword that other people haven’t covered yet. The best part is: the demand for that keyword keeps growing as the trend keeps rising.

This approach also helps for Social Media, because SM is all about What’s Happening Now.

The Inspiration box from Squirrly SEO gives you the opportunity to study these new trends directly in your WordPress dashboard, without having to leave; and without having to search in countless different places.

Sometimes, you need to understand what the “new thing” means, so that you won’t make mistakes (due to the fact that you don’t understand the new trend properly yet).

In your WordPress interface, you’ll be able to read all the latest ideas that people Tweet about the new subject. You’ll get to see if Wikipedia has entries about that yet and you’ll also be able to find what the latest blog posts from the World Wide Web have to say about the rising trend. You can even read the articles straight from WordPress.

This is a huge workflow improvement, that you can’t get anywhere else.

The G17 version is far improved from the G16 version and it works with the latest Google updates. Most of the older functions have become deprecated and we had to change them, in order to keep the Inspiration Box up and running for you.

squirrly seo according to google

Inner Linking – G17. Improve your SEO by placing more links to great pages from your site.

The Inner Linking feature of Squirrly SEO has been greatly improved since 2016.

In the inspiration box you have the button for Inner Linking. It used to offer fewer suggestions for pages from your own site to which you could link.

Now we’ve changed it so that you can search by keywords and find the most relevant pages from your site that you want to link to. A clear example: Let’s say you’re writing an article on “Content Marketing Tools Your Business Needs in 2017”. With the G17 version you can search for “social media tools” and find a relevant article you’ve written on this topic, which you can connect to your current article. By saying something like “for more details on Social Media tools that we use at Squirrly, you can check this blog post [link]”

internal linking wordpress seo 2018

SEO Star -G17. More Help For Content Marketing

We’ve improved our Web Authority Index and the Market Intelligence we provide in our Keyword Research feature. Therefore we factor in more ideas for increasing the SEO Star Score of our users.

market intelligence

Squirrly Snippet -G17. Powered by TrueRender

The Squirrly Snippet of Squirrly SEO 2017 is powered by TrueRender.

In the SEO preview that we provide in our snippet you will see exactly how the post will look like when people find your listing on Google.

Yoast, All in One SEO and the rest do not simulate the way Google will truly display the search result, which leaves a lot of margin for error, because many themes and plugins that you use can interfere with the code when WordPress generates your page. In these plugins, you might think everything will be displayed all right, when in fact it will not.

What you see in our Snippet is exactly what your potential customers will see on Google when they see you in the search results. This offers you the real control you need.

Better WordPress Integration

Also, the Customize Options have been improved to provide better control. Also, for the social media images that will be placed in Open Graph and Twitter cards you can now choose to place images from your WordPress Media Library.

snippet for wordpress seo 2018

Customer Service Channels -G17. Excellence in Customer Service. Now on More Channels Than Ever Before.

Since we first launched in February 2013, we’ve been obsessed with Customer Service. Unlike other WordPress services you’re used to, we don’t shy away from Customer Service. We encourage you to ask us questions.

Because of our approach to Customer Service we could develop the most powerful SEO Software available for WordPress. We kept making Squirrly SEO better, due to our interactions with you.

For customer service we had the following channels:

For the Squirrly SEO 2017 version we kept these channels, but we’ve also added new ones:

  • Youtube Live Chat, every Thursday 4 PM on our Youtube Channel
  • Twitter: we provide support, we write about new updates to the software products we offer, we write content marketing lessons (every Mon. and Tue.)
  • Facebook Page.
  • Sites: plugin.squirrly.co and howto.squirrly.co

wordpress seo 2018 customer service

JSON-LD -G17. We were the first to add this to WordPress. Now we’re the first to improve it.

In Squirrly SEO 2016 we’ve included the JSON-LD feature, which helps Google better understand what your WordPress site is about.

In this new version, we also introduced Instagram, Pinterest and Contact Information for JSON-LD.

json ld 2018

Rich Pins -G17. 3 Times Better. Now with WooCommerce integration

The rich Pins have really been improved.

  • they work well now (we had a couple of bugs in the first release, from G16)
  • added the Rich Pins Validator
  • Works awesomely with Ecommerce for WordPress. Your products will look great when pinned to Pinterest user’s profiles.

squirrly seo rich pins

Open Graph -G17. The best Open Graph Plugin for WordPress gets an Update. Videos.

Start using the Open Graph from Squirrly SEO. When someone shares your page on Facebook AND your page contains a video, the OG from Squirrly shows a clickable thumbnail in Facebook. When anyone from the user’s audience clicks that thumbnail, the video will start playing inside of Facebook.

We’ve had a couple of real estate agents try this out for the Facebook Pages of properties they were selling. They’ve told us this really increased their conversions and that their customers were happy to get to see the estates directly in Facebook, without having to navigate to other websites.

Also: you can now add a custom image for Open Graph when you optimize the front page (the homepage) of Your WordPress site. [works with both static and blog feed types of front pages].

squirrly seo open graph 2017

Plugin and API Speed -G17. More Speed. Faster WordPress.

We were already 3 times faster than the Yoast plugin and 2 times faster than All In One SEO.

However, this didn’t stop us from optimizing the speed of Squirrly SEO even further. We’ve made it work well for users with very slow Internet Connections (the API used to have problems when the Internet speed was too slow).

fastest wordpress plugin

Built-IN SEO Settings -G17. Powered by the Duplicate Remover.

One of the most important updates we’ve made is something that’s very specific to the WordPress environment which really becomes a messy jungle after installing more themes and plugins.

Because most developers do not follow the very clear guidelines of WordPress.org lots of problems appear.

The most common one we’re seeing is WordPress Sites having multiple Open Graph Tags, Twitter Card Metas, Title METAs, Description METAs, JSON-LDs, etc. This is completely wrong and it affects aspects like: Google Rankings, html code errors.

The Built in SEO Settings from Squirrly SEO are now powered by the Meta Duplicate Remover we’ve created, which makes sure that only ONE entry for each type of META will appear in the final code rendered by the browser.

wordpress seo settings 2017

Active by default.

Also, by popular opinion from our users, we’re now making the SEO Settings from Squirrly active by default.

This has always been requested, and we’re finally doing it. The SEO Settings we offer have become truly amazing over the last years. Squirrly SEO 2018 will need these settings active anyway, for the great SEO surprise we’ll soon reveal to everyone.

Tracking -G17. They Change. We Change.

Changes for 2017.

The tracking codes from Google and Facebook have changed since 2016, and we’ve updated the way we help them do the tracking for your WordPress site.

Added AMP support for Google Tracking.

When your site is in AMP mode, the Google Tracking will keep working due to this update we’ve made.

squirrly seo according to google

So, you think Squirrly SEO 2017 is Cool? Wait ’til you see Squirrly SEO 2018.

We got really squirrly with all our development and moved much faster with our plans for the innovation we had prepared for Squirrly SEO 2018.

That’s why Squirrly SEO 2018 will be released in April 2017.

Until then, know that once we finish the release for Squirrly SEO 2017, your license will automatically be updated. No extra actions required to update the license. You’ll just have to update your plugin to the latest version.

100% green in Squirrly Live Assistant but I’m not getting traffic

Sometimes we receive emails with this question and I want to help everybody have the correct image of Squirrly Live Assistance.

Squirrly Live Assistant

First, make sure that the topic (keyword) you choose for your article is well-researched. That means that people actually search for that keyword on google or other search engines. Don’t just use random words and expect to get traffic only by optimizing for that keyword. Try to keep this in mind: you are writing for people who actually have to read your article and not for Squirrly.

To get the right keyword, you need you use tools like Keyword Research or Google Planner. These tools will show you the best keywords organized by the number of searches and social share impact.

keyword research

Keyword Research is the most important part of your process. So use it wisely. You can start by searching for 3-4 words topics (long-tail keywords) to get targeted traffic to your articles. After you have a reader database, you can go for 2-3 words keyword with high competition and get more readers.


After you’ve optimized the articles for long-tail keywords, you can’t expect google to just index you in front of your competition just because your site looks pretty.

Just imagine google as a decision algorithm that has to show the most relevant content for readers based on a specific keyword.

google algorith

When you publish the optimized article, you need to take some more actions immediately after:

  • make sure that people will share your article (starting with you)
  • readers will discuss around your article on social media (comments, comments, comments)
  • readers will read the article by scrolling and staying more than 2-3 min on a page (> 450 words articles with CTAs)
  • readers will read other articles connected to this one (suggested articles with the same topic)
  • readers will return to read other articles (social and emailing)

Now, the google algorithm can track these steps (especially if you have Google Analytics installed). If you don’t do most of these actions, the algorithm will presume that the topic you’ve chosen is not okay for readers. Or, that the content is not a good one and it will rank it lower and lower until it’s out from search results.


You need to have a webmaster that checks your site for errors. We have a team who can check your site for errors, duplicates, and more. Read about this here

Content writing is more complex these days. You have to put a lot of energy into it. Read about Headlines and how you can attract readers through organic search.

Having many inbound links from websites with authority is another good insight for search engines. It shows that your article is so important that other bloggers or influencers are willing to add your link into their websites.


If you do a good job writing high-quality articles for long-tail keywords, follow the steps from our SEO Audit report. It’s a report you’ll receive every week by email or you can find it in your account at SEO Audit Report .

If google indexes your article and you’re ranking higher every week, then it’s a sign that the google algorithm receives good insights for your article and you should be proud of yourself.


We’ve received many requests for Content Services and we already have a team with writers and QA prepared to help you get the best results from organic and social media traffic.

You can check our prices and you can also contact us directly: Squirrly Agency


Download the new Squirrly SERP Checker:


What Is the Best Advice for Integrating Squirrly SEO with Yoast?

R: If you have Yoast installed or any other SEO plugin, there’s no need to worry. You can install Squirrly SEO because we made sure it works with most WordPress plugins.

Squirrly SEO integration with other plugins
Squirrly SEO integration with other WordPress plugins

The point is that you don’t need to run the same features from all the plugins just to slow down the site speed and get same results.

That’s why Squirrly comes with the option to switch off some of the on-page SEO features like:

  • Sitemap
  • Feed
  • Favicon
  • OG
  • Canonical
  • Title
  • Description

And many more other features.

google sitemap squirrly

If you used Yoast for on-page SEO, use Squirrly for content optimization. Here’s why:

  • You can find the perfect topic using the keyword research tool
  • You can find copyright-free images
  • It’s easier to handle content curation on the same subject from wiki, other blogs, and social media
  • You can optimize each post/page/product for both humans and search engines using the SEO live assistant
  • You can track the evolution with Page Analytics and Performance Analytics
  • You can check the daily ranking on Google local or global for the chosen topic

If you use the Open Graph from Squirrly, you will get rich pins images after you validate one article in Pinterest at:



Check out all the Squirrly SEO Features: