Squirrly SEO Strategy

How Can I Change My Squirrly Account?

In this short tutorial, we’re going to show you how to change an account that’s currently connected to Squirrly SEO. This may come in handy in situations such as:

  • you’ve created a Squirrly SEO account using the wrong email address, want to disconnect it from Squirrly SEO and connect with the correct email address
  • you want to change and old account used to connect to Squirrly with a new account

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: In your WordPress Admin Menu, go to “Plugins”

Step 2: Find Squirrly SEO in your list of Installed Plugins

Step 3: Deactivate Squirrly SEO

Click on Deactivate. This will prompt a new panel to appear (shown in the screenshot below). From this panel:

  • Tick the box that reads: Disconnect from Squirrly Cloud
  • Then click on either Submit & Deactivate OR Skip & Deactivate
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Step 4: Go back to your list of Installed Plugins. Activate Squirrly SEO

Step 5: Create a New Account to Connect your site to Squirrly SEO

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What Special Features Does Squirrly Offer for Local SEO?

Squirrly provides Schema for Local Business. Coordinates, hours, menus, etc. are available. You can learn more about this here.

Meta Data for GEO and Location – Especially helpful for Local SEO and Knowledge Graph

  • Add Coordinates for Local SEO and add the address of your main location.
  • This will be used for your Organization and for Publisher details within your WordPress site.

Schema for Local SEO can now be built directly from WordPress – Squirrly – SEO Settings – JSON-LD.

For multiple locations, you can build the Schema using the Editor we give access to and the Custom Code option for Schema.

We’ve even added KML files recently so you can easily add your local business to Google Earth and our integration actually works.

Many of our customers own local businesses:

  • auto shops
  • engine rebuilding services
  • plumbers
  • cleaning services
  • yoga
  • hairdressers
  • beauty salons

…and more.

Drew, one of our customers has a local business in Orlando, Florida and he made a video saying how he became successful with Squirrly SEO,

Due to the guidance that Squirrly SEO provides and the educational aspect of it, it’s easy for Non-SEO experts to really become visible on Google.

How is Squirrly Addressing the Core Web Vitals SEO Scoring Method?

Squirrly is addressing them in Focus Pages already.

Page experience has been one of the main reasons we’ve created Focus Pages and it goes a little beyond just page speed and coding propriety. Time on page, bounce rates, number of pages visited are also very important and we’re getting clear signals that their importance is shifting.

We already address speed and https and give resources to our users, so they will be prepared for the update.

Because we get so much data from so many websites, our Chances of Ranking algorithms will get recalibrated with new data once the update fully goes live.

The probabilities will most probably shift to favour some of the ranking factors from this update.

What is the SERP Checker Cloud?

The SERP Checker Cloud is a service that Squirrly developed to provide accurate ranking data inside the Focus Pages section and inside the Rankings section.

The SERP Cloud Checker is included in the Business Plan of Squirrly SEO .

You will still get access to the Rankings section, even if you don’t have the SERP Checker Cloud, but the ranking data will be taken from Google Search Console, which is not an exact position – it’s an average. Also, you can’t use it to check data for any kind of keyword whenever you want — you can only check keywords from within GSCs database for your site.

So, one of the benefits of getting a plan that includes the SERP Checker Cloud is this:

? Ranking data will come from our Private SERP Checker Cloud Services and you will see exact positions for any keyword you want to check.

What is the difference between Focus Pages and the SEO Live Assistant?

The SEO Live Assistant and Focus Pages are two completely different features.

The SEO Live Assistant can be used to optimize your pages for SEO.

Focus Pages analyzes a page’s chances of ranking taking into account over 113 ranking factors that Google also takes into account when deciding if to rank a page on Google and on which position.

One of the things the Focus Pages system checks for is whether your page is optimized using the SEO Live Assistant (to ensure you have Search Relevance). But it also looks at things like:

  • the keywords you are targeting,
  • whether you have backlinks for that page,
  • whether you have inner links,
  • and many more other factors that impact your chances of ranking.

A team can influence the ranking factors for about 10 pages at a time. Getting traffic, social media shares, writing better and longer content, making sure visitors have a good experience on a page — all these take a lot of focus.

By influencing the ranking factors and turning those Red Dots to Green, you start ranking higher and improving the chances of ranking on the first page.

Once a page starts ranking in TOP 10 on Google, then you no longer need to focus on tweaking the page and you can just check its ranking from the Ranking Section of Squirrly, to make sure it stays in top 10.

This frees up space for new pages you want to start ranking (new pages that you can set as Focus Pages).

Having a page set as Focus Pages doesn’t influence the SEO Live Assistant for that page.

Whether you have that page set as a Focus Page or not, the SEO Live Assistant will check for the same number of items.

How Does Squirrly Determine if a Keyword is Easy to Rank for?

For keyword research: To determine if a keyword is easy to rank for, we look at the TOP 10 positions in Google for that keyword and compare your web authority against theirs.

We use our Market Intelligence for this. You can learn more about it below:

Over 8 years of stored data inside our databases, using APIs from our own Squirrly SPY, ContentLook, Workers (processing technology created by Squirrly), Crawlers, SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly.

Plus APIs from: MOZ, Majestic, Piwik, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Alexa (the analytics data company, not the Siri alternative), SEMrush. Plus Plus: data collected and stored from those APIs for many years.

We have propiretary technology and algorithms working around the clock for our Market Intelligence service that we use in Squirrly SEO tools such as:

  • SEO Audit,
  • Focus Pages,
  • Keyword Research.

Such proprietary tech designed by the Squirrly Company was used by Telenav, Microsoft, Ann Handley, Neil Patel, Top Gear, CyberGhost, SeedCamp.

I Create YouTube Videos. How Can Squirrly Help Me Rank My Videos?

You can use some of the features from Squirrly for platforms like YouTube.

For example, you can use the keyword research tool to determine what topics you should tackle when creating content that you want to distribute via YouTube.

Using the SEO LIVE Assistant feature, you can also optimize your video descriptions for your target keyword (you can do the optimization inside the Cloud App or using the WordPress plugin and then simply copy/paste the optimized content as your YouTube description).

? Related: Learn more about how you can use Squirrly to rank on Google via Third-Party platforms.

Can I use Squirrly for a Site That’s Not Built on WordPress?

The Squirrly Cloud App can help if you want to use Squirrly for sites that are NOT on WordPress.

Some features such as Focus Pages are not available, but the Cloud App can be used to:

  • perform keyword research
  • build your keyword portfolio
  • optimize using the SEO Live Assistant
  • Audit pages
  • Monitor rankings
  • + more

A comparison between Squirrly SEO for WordPress and Squirrly SEO Cloud App (for all other kinds of websites) can be seen here:

^^ The ! mark you see on the graphic means that you need to look further inside that place and you will see that some features have red dots with NO, which means they are not included in the Cloud App.

So perfect green means all is included. Green with! requires attention, because some parts of that are not included in Cloud, only in Plugin+Cloud.

Related Questions:

Q: If I don’t use WordPress, can I still use all the features? Would there be any feature I can’t use? How much will the fact that I’m not on WordPress and can only use your cloud version affect my ability to rank high on Google?

A: Some features are not available in the Cloud App. For example, you will not be able to use Focus Pages. Because of how the Focus Pages system works, we are unable to offer this feature unless you use WordPress. Also, the Cloud App won’t help you optimize the metadata and descriptions. That is only available with the Squirrly SEO WordPress plugin.

However, all the following features are included Cloud version, which means you can use the cloud app to perform key SEO tasks to rank higher.

  • Keyword Research;
  • Briefcase;
  • SEO Audit;
  • SEO Live Assistant to optimize content in real-time;
  • SERP Checker Cloud (if you are on a plan that includes this)

^^ all are included. So it’s still a solid SEO software, even though it’s missing: Next SEO Goals and Focus Pages, which we can only fully provide when used together with the WordPress plugin.

A comparison between Squirrly SEO for WordPress and Squirrly SEO Cloud App (for all other kinds of websites) can be seen here.

Q: Will this work with a non-wordpress based site (for example: sites created with Wix, Clickfunnels, Kartra, Weebly)?

A: Yes, the Cloud App can be used for a WIX site, a Weebly site, a Kartra site, and for all other kinds of non-wordpress based site.

Q: Is there a video, or that there screenshots that show what the cloud version — without WordPress — is like?

A: You can see screenshots and learn more about the Cloud App here.

Q: For non-WordPress sites, do we install a script, or does Squirrly connect to GA and GSC or something?

A: Squirrly connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

 Q: My website is done by a third party (Promote my Place) and I’ve not been able to add any personal plugin which is why have never used Yoast. Can I still use Squirrly?

A: Yes, if you can’t install the plugin, then you can use the Cloud App, which doesn’t require you installing anything on your website.

Q: Can Squirrly SEO be used as a stand-alone application? Or does it have to be implemented as a WordPress plug-in to function properly?

A: The Cloud App can be used for websites that are NOT on WordPress as a standalone app.

Q: Is this application valid for an drop shipping store?

 A: Yes, you can use the Squirrly Cloud App for:

Keyword research. You can use Squirrly’s keyword research tool to find keywords that people are typing into Google and analyze their potential;

Keyword Management for different SEO Strategies using Labels;

On-Page SEO. You can use the SEO Live Assistant to create optimized product descriptions or optimized blog posts, for example. (you would create the optimized content on the Cloud App and then copy-paste it on your website)

​- SEO Audits for the pages you want to track

– Google Ranking monitoring

Changing URL in WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Changing Permalink In The Document Sidebar

If you edit a post or a page in the new Block Editor of WordPress, just click on the document tab in the right sidebar,  you will be able to see a permalink option where you can change URL slug.

Now if you click on the Permalink section, it will show an input that mainly allows you to edit the slug for your post/page. Also, make sure that you click on the Update button right after changing your permalink in order to apply the changes that you made right away.

If you are using Squirrly SEO Live Assistant to optimize your article, make sure you include the keyword in the post/page URL.

What does Squirrly mean when they write Keyword in their tools and documentation?

We use “keyword” quite a lot in our software products and also in our documentation.

Keyword is a word which here and everywhere where we write means:

“keyword or keyphrase (key phrase). it can be made up of one word or ten words. Length doesn’t really matter for the purpose of this definition”

There you have it.

Some people think a keyword is only something like “wordpress”. Whereas something like “wordpress premium themes” is a key phrase.

We don’t care about such lengthy and complicated definitions. We’re calling all of them keywords, in order to be able to provide as much clarity as possible.

If anybody ever asks you about this, just refer them to this page.

At the Squirrly company we also think of topics in terms of keywords.

“WordPress Premium Themes” is a topic and a keyword at the same time. Therefore, we usually just use either “topic” or “keyword” in such cases, so that we do not repeat ourselves.

The topic of a page, of an article, of a presentation, or of a video could very well be the keyword that you’d optimize that content type for.