What gets configured automatically in Non-SEO Expert mode?

Everything inside Squirrly SEO can be customized in order to suit a wide variety of needs. However, in the Non-SEO Expert mode, our system knows exactly the kinds of settings required to get to a good starting point for SEO.

This document is intended for experienced SEOs who are curious about the automatic settings. Non-SEOs should just start focusing on completing the Next SEO Goals. Each Next SEO Goal gets generated for each particular site, and it’s very rare to get the same next steps on multiple sites.

For NON-SEO Experts, the whole experience is built in such way that a user will be able to get quick SEO wins, by following the Daily SEO Goals. To be able to deliver such an easy experience, Squirrly aims to keep users out of the SEO settings section and rely on what the system does for everyone out of the box.

Based on the Evolution Data and the things we look at for Ranking Vision AI, we could determine the minimum number of settings that have a good probability to rank high.

What this means is: you can start getting important SEO wins right from the start without even touching the SEO Settings (the technical aspect of the settings). Just leave them to automatic and focus on the Next SEO Goals, Keyword Research, Focus Pages.

NOTE: some of the following by-default settings might be different from site to site, according to what you complete in the on-boarding sequence.

Warning: there are more settings that can be made by Experts, than what you will see in the screenshots inside this document. They are hidden in the Non-SEO Expert mode. They get displayed once you switch from automatic to manual.

So then… what are the settings that get configured automatically?

SEO Automation

It starts with SEO Automation: patterns and visibility definitions according to post type.

This helps avoid unwanted items getting indexed or ending up in the sitemap.

And the patterns help with the first line of defense against duplicate content.

Then we also help with URL redirection, made automatically, since many users will change their URLs after seeing the information from Focus Pages.

Also: it will add a rule for 404. If a site visitor ends up on a non-existing URL, then that visitor will be redirected to homepage by default.


  1. Patterns (help against missing definitions and duplicate content)
  2. Visibility Definitions
  3. URL re-direction automated
  4. 404 Definition and Automation

For Homepage

For Posts

For Page

For Category

For Tag

Tax Post Format

Tax Category

Tax Post Tag






^^ warning: gfxattack.com is completed there, because that was the site from which I took the screenshots. It will get completed with domain URL of the WP install.


SEO Links:

They are turned off on new installs.


JSON-LD Structured Data and Settings for Schema implementations.

Important: because this is the part for NON-SEO Experts and the settings are made automatically, Squirrly SEO makes all defaults create a json-ld that gets validated by Google !!!

It exists and is validated, which helps any website pass some of the basic requirements in Google’s algorithm.

The technical side of it is already placed and created by default.

The user is covered, even if the user doesn’t go to write their info inside the fields for either Organization or Profile.

Social Media

The automatic mode sets all important defaults for you, in order to help your sites get validated Open Graph and validated Twitter Cards. << it even inputs a default twitter account, so that the user will pass validation, even if user does not have a twitter account. The important aspect is to have beautiful posts displayed on Twitter when someone shares something from your site.

Tracking Tools

No fields get completed by default, but it activates compatibility mode with the WordPress AMP Plugins, so pages for which you have AMP will have SEO by Squirrly.

Sitemap XML

Activates sitemap

Robots File

These are the items that get created and added on any new setup, when Squirrly SEO settings work in the automatic mode.

What Other Settings Get Made with Automatic Mode?

SEO Live Assistant Settings

Rankings Settings

Other things that are active can be seen in the All Features Section

For a full list of all features, go here.