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Page Builder SEO: Classic Editor, Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg, WPbakery and more.

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Need Help Connecting Google Search Console: Both Tracking Code and API Connection?

We’re currently building this course.

How do I connect Google Analytics: Both Tracking Code And the API Connection?

We’re building a new course for all of this in Education Cloud.

How do I switch (or change) a Focus Page if I am on the Free Plan?

You will see the answer inside this video.

I show you how to delete and then place a new focus page.

ERROR! Could not save the data. Please try again

This error message was added in Squirrly SEO plugin since 2019.

If you’re getting this error, the plugin can’t save the SEO Snippet into database.

Situations when this error is triggered:

  1. The database table (wp)_qss is deleted and the plugin doesn’t have the permission to create it again.
  2. The table integrity is affected and not all columns are present in the table:

  3. The table Character Set is not set to UTF8 or UTF8mb4 and the saving data doesn’t match.


1. Create the table with the correct WordPress table prefix and the name _qss. We will use the default WordPress prefix but you need to change the wp prefix with the one you set in wp-config.php

blog_id int(10) NOT NULL ,
URL varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL ,
url_hash varchar(32) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL ,
seo text CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL ,
date_time datetime NOT NULL ,
post varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT '' ,
UNIQUE INDEX url_hash (url_hash) USING BTREE ,
INDEX blog_id_url_hash (blog_id, url_hash) USING BTREE

2. Alter the table with this SQL command:

ALTER TABLE wp_qss ADD COLUMN post varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT ''

3. Run the SQL command:


Changing URL in WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Changing Permalink In The Document Sidebar

If you edit a post or a page in the new Block Editor of WordPress, just click on the document tab in the right sidebar,  you will be able to see a permalink option where you can change URL slug.

Now if you click on the Permalink section, it will show an input that mainly allows you to edit the slug for your post/page. Also, make sure that you click on the Update button right after changing your permalink in order to apply the changes that you made right away.

If you are using Squirrly SEO Live Assistant to optimize your article, make sure you include the keyword in the post/page URL.

How Unique Are The Daily SEO Goals?

Private SEO Consultant.

Private. It’s yours. The advice is also made specifically for you and for your current website.

If you have 7 sites, you’ll most probably get different Daily SEO Goals on each site.

Everything is unique, because Squirrly’s SML (Squirrly Machine Learning), analyzes all data about your site (part of it from within WordPress, part of it from our Cloud Services). Then it compares it to multiple patterns analyzed for other websites which went through Daily SEO Goals and Focus Pages Tasks AND reached success!

It basically does what a real human SEO Consultant should do:

  • looks at your situation
  • finds the priority tasks that need solving
  • tries to find which tasks will move you the closest to the First Page of Google
  • analyzes how much time it would take to get you in TOP 10
  • then compares all data and finds your golden nuggets, which he then tells you and you pay him for the work he did, because it was extremely valuable.

The Golden Nugget the Consultant will offer you is:

the few things you can easily get done, very fast which will also have the biggest potential impact on your POSITIONS in the Google Search Engine.

Just like a real human SEO Consultant who’s really good at his job, Squirrly’s SML and the Daily SEO Goals panel will not waste your time with trivial tasks.

Everything it says is aimed at getting you to TOP 10 in the shortest time-frame possible.

And better than what some human consultants could do (I mention some, and here I’m talking about consultants with 1 to 3 years of experience only) : it will bring you your Goals according to evolution data, progress and achievements of over 600,000 sites that were catalogued and tracked by the Squirrly Company since we first publicly launched Squirrly SEO back in 2013.

Those are many years of experience, and we were lucky to have kept all the data. Because Squirrly SEO was always powered by crawlers, SERP Checkers and Analytics (at one point we even had our own), we have stored a lot of data about how WordPress sites evolve and get ranked to top positions.

We used machine learning on all those data sets to identify the quickest paths to success and to be able to grab the exact types of tasks you can work on (as a Non-SEO Expert), which will ensure success.

So in terms of successful websites and search visibility, the Squirrly 2020 Smart Strategy which brings you these goals, is a lot better equipped than most beginner-level SEO Consultants.

This moves far beyond what we offered in Squirrly 2019 Strategy.

Smart Strategy (the new Squirrly 2020) brings you unique goals, just like a real SEO Consultant would.

These goals will always be unique and the more you use and complete Daily SEO Goals, the better they will become for you, once it learns more about how fast your site can increase in rankings.

70 Technical SEO Aspects Handled By Squirrly Genius

Squirrly Genius is a brand new digital marketing assistant (it’s a piece of tech, not a human being) created by the Squirrly Company and it is one of your companions inside Squirrly SEO.

Unlike other assistants we’ve made available to you, Squirrly Genius handles many SEO tasks all by itself in the background. It doesn’t even bother you to click elements in the interface.

And it’s working around the clock on your behalf. (Offers the Premium Features from Yoast SEO, RankMath, SEOpress, All In One SEO, to you for FREE. Yes, just read the final list on this page and you will see.)

There are over 80 Potential Daily SEO Goals you can encounter from time to time depending on pages you choose to focus on, but those are handled by Squirrly’s SML (Squirrly Machine Learning)

The 70 Aspects are more or less important SEO jobs that Squirrly Genius does for you. It saves you a lot of time and ensures that you don’t need to write a single piece of code.

Prepares your WordPress Site for SEO Success (as soon as you connect to Squirrly CLOUD for the first time).

  • starts SEO Meta Automation
  • helps you import SEO from plugins
  • completes JSON-LD (used for Rich Snippets) information by default
  • makes all essential SEO settings right after you install Squirrly. Which Means: LESS work for you to do

Maintains good SEO:

  • offers SEO Protection.
  • displays the number of WP Pages it SEO’ed for you.
  • displays the number of post types it currently covers.
  • handles 70 aspects in the background.

Sidebar Green and Red Lights:

  • shows what still needs to be done.
  • if you click the tasks (any of those RED or Green lights), it opens pop-ups that tell you exactly how to turn the Red lights to Green.

That was to help you see an easy overview. More details follow for those who want to read.

All of these are now handled in real-time by Squirrly Genius:

  • Remove duplicate codes
  • SEO protection via plugin
  • SEO protection via cloud
  • Title in every page (automatic creation)
  • Description in every page (automatic creation)
  • Help avoid duplicate title
  • Help avoid duplicate description
  • Automatically write json-ld on each page for schema and rich snippets
  • Get snippets ready and completed
  • Handle canonical links
  • Handle follow nofollow
  • Handle index no index on each page
  • Maintain robots.txt file
  • Check robotx txt inconsistencies
  • Maintain sitemap.xml
  • Enhance sitemap.xml
  • Add support for tracking via google analytics
  • Add support for tracking via google webmaster
  • Extract data via API (if activated) from Google Analytics
  • Extract data via API (if connected) from Google Search Console
  • Keeps custom records for Schema implementation if you experiment with the over 13 types of schemas that we offer
  • Checks permalinks to make sure they are Okay
  • Checks WordPress settings, to make sure they don’t negatively affect your SEO
  • Handles Open Graph
  • Handles Twitter Cards
  • Handles Rich Pins
  • Handles all post types inside a WordPress site, that you tell it to handle (if you have custom types that don’t get detected by default)
  • Handle imports from other SEO Plugins
  • Handles backups for your SEO Data inside the WP site.
  • Handles backups for SEO Data inside our Servers (for content optimized with SEO Live Assistant)
  • Displays the number of WP Pages it SEO’ed for you.
  • Displays the number of post types it currently covers.
  • Protects against faulty no-index definitions.
  • Runs new checks every day to track improvements for SEO and Marketing.
  • Makes all essential SEO settings right after you install Squirrly. Which Means: LESS work for you to do.
  • Completes JSON-LD information by default (automatically ensures Google validation for it).
  • Handles SEO Automation
  • Imports images to your Media Library so that you won’t have missing content issues.
  • Adds tags and alt texts for images by default (only if you want it to)
  • Runs checks to offer you the RED and Green lights inside Bulk SEO Settings.
  • Keeps SEO Audit historical data and helps you compare multiple audits in the same panel.
  • Helps with Open Graph Validation
  • Helps with Rich Pins Validation
  • Helps with Twitter Cards Validation
  • Helps with Rich Snippets Validation
  • Preview Social Media Sharing and how your pages will look when shared
  • Facebook Previews, powered by TrueRender
  • Twitter Previews, powered by TrueRender
  • Facebook Pixel advanced options for eCommerce.
  • Facebook Pixel tracking with custom rules for custom pages.
  • Handles JSON-LD with WooCommerce data, to create rich snippets for e-commerce (you need to properly setup your WooCommerce. it’s up to you)
  • Google Analytics tracking with custom rules for custom pages
  • Google Analytics FULL integrations, to get accurate Traffic Data in the SEO Audit and to get accurate Google Search Engine readings for quality content (as I said: we look for “quality content” the same way that Google does.)
  • No-Index options made with WebDeveloper-Approved customization levels
  • No-Index specific Custom Post Types
  • No-Index based on custom page rules
  • No-Index based on Sitemap XML settings
  • No-Index based on robots.txt rules
  • Checking robots.txt – your customized version vs what WordPress renders
  • Creating robots.txt
  • Most advanced Sitemap XML
  • Pictures in Sitemap XML
  • Sitemap XML enhanced with Videos
  • Sitemap XML settings for frequency with which you add new content to the site
  • Sitemap XML to get you in Google News
  • Sitemap XML with organized sub-sitemaps
  • Sitemap XML with Page-Level customization options
  • Sitemap XML inclusions / exclusions according to rules based on Custom post Types and Automation Features.
  • Open Graph
  • Open Graph Preview
  • Open Graph BULK work-flow.
  • Open Graph Automation with different rules according to different custom post types
  • Open Graph object Type
  • Open Graph and fb admin page id
  • Open Graph and author URL
  • Open Graph with VIDEO, which makes the video PLAY directly inside Facebook.
  • Twitter Card – large
  • Twitter Card – summary
  • Twitter Card Bulk work-flow
  • Twitter Card Automation with different rules according to different custom post types
  • Twitter Card Preview
  • Checks if you turned all SEO Settings from RED to Green
  • Checks your account Level: Free, PRO, Business, Web Dev Kit
  • Handles Patterns
  • Tells all the other Squirrly tools to take note for the definitions that YOU make as a user, because you can define for your site how long you want certain fields to be (as a best-practices type of things for your brand). If you add META Lengths (it’s an expert-level setting) then Squirrly Genius will ensure your definitions are taken into account in all Squirrly SEO tools.
  • Handles META keywords
  • Removes duplicate META keywords
  • Handles Dublin Core
  • Activate or Deactivate the Snipper on the front-end of your site
  • Can minify Squirrly SEO Metas if you ask it to
  • Late Buffer capability offered by Squirrly Genius, in case your CDN or caching plugin needs this
  • JSON LD Site Type
  • Organization Name
  • Logo
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Type definition
  • Short Description
  • Handles Breadcrumbs
  • Can remove other JSON-LD from your code, if you didn’t place it there with Squirrly SEO (this is optional)
  • Facebook Share Language
  • Adds Social Media Profiles to your org’s JSON-LD for a good semantic definition
  • Handles Analytics js and GTAG js
  • Handles AMP settings and tracking
  • Can tell it to remove logged-in users from Facebook Pixel tracking
  • Can tell it to remove logged-in users from Google Analytics tracking
  • Google Verification COde
  • Bing Verification Code
  • Alexa Verification Code
  • Frequency definitions for Sitemap
  • Ping New Posts (optional)
  • Allows you to define and then enforces your rules: exclusions or inclusions for all Sitemaps created on your WP
  • Handles Sitemap paginations
  • Can fix Relative URLs
  • Handles Favicon
  • Handles Apple Icons for iPhones and iPads
  • Includes the best option for WordPress multisites with regard to how it create the favicon
  • Allows you to rollback the plugin version
  • Allows you to choose whether to keep or delete Squirrly table (from DB) when you uninstall
  • Checks all your tasks from each sidebar, to help you maximize the usage of our SEO plugin and help you get the best results.
  • Ensures that sitemaps don’t get created for potentially empty entries
  • TrueRender: Squirrly Genius handles the social media previews and it shows you the post exactly how IT would get displayed when shared to social media.
  • Handles Users Roles and Security – Squirrly SEO was the first plugin to ever offer this. Squirrly Genius now improves the User Roles and Security a lot and allows powerful customizations.
  • Re-direct manager included
  • Helps you avoid 404 Pages from now on
  • When you change permalinks it will automatically add redirects from old post to new post.
  • Multiple Keyword Optimization – can add as many keywords on one page as it possibly makes sense and calculates your scores properly in SEO Live Assistant.
  • Complete control over any url you want indexed.
  • Complete control over any URL that you do NOT want indexed.

How Does SEO Protection Work?

SEO Protection is one of those unique value propositions that only Squirrly SEO can offer you. It’s due to its unique position on the market.

Moz, aHrefs, SEMrush, Yoast, All In One SEO… they simply can’t touch this.

Why? – it’s all a matter of technology: because we combine a smart and light-weight plugin, with our impressive cloud services, we give you the best of both worlds: the best plugin with the best SEO platform.

SEO Plugins don’t offer you 100% protection, because for some elements, you need server-side crawling.

SEO Platforms don’t offer you 100% protection, because some elements can only be fine-tuned from within WordPress itself.

Thus, Squirrly SEO is in a unique position.

The level of protection against Google penalties and negative scoring is unprecedented.

100% SEO Protection means that your site is safe from the many penalties and negative factors that we check against.

This is made possible if you have ALL the features from Squirrly SEO Activated

  • SEO Metas
  • Duplicate Remover (remove duplicate codes from the source code)
  • SEO Automation (Place all your Post Types inside SEO Automation, to make sure Squirrly handles everything.)
  • SEO Audit
  • Daily SEO Goals – has powerful SEO tests in place to protect against problematic no-index definitions, robots.txt definition problems (or plugins and themes which change how the final file is rendered), and 20 more. – Daily SEO Goals has elements from within WordPress and others from our Cloud Services
  • Focus Pages – make sure you define at least one focus page. It will check using the “Platform SEO” series of tests and the “Platform Health” series of tests.

These make sure that each page (if you placed all post types inside SEO Automation) has:

  • SEO Meta codes (required for good On-Page SEO)
  • Social Media codes (rich pins, open graph, twitter cards)
  • Schema implementation (automatic, you can customize and create tens of types using the Custom option)
  • Great visibility settings (index / no-index , follow / no-follow, canonical URL, in-sitemap / exclude-from-sitemap)
  • Re-directions (if needed ; ensures automatic protection against 404s)

Ultimate protection against Duplicate Content (You can receive Huge penalties which really drag your rankings down, without this)

  • Duplicate codes and definitions inside the source code of a page (many themes and plugins add codes for titles, descriptions, metas, keywords, open graph, json-ld, etc.) -> Squirrly removes these by default if activated.
  • Duplicate Titles in same page (Duplicate Remover)
  • Duplicate Titles across multiple pages (SEO Audit)
  • Duplicate Descriptions in same page (Duplicate Remover)
  • Duplicate Descriptions across multiple pages (SEO Audit)
  • Empty Titles (SEO Automation and SEO Audit)
  • Empty Descriptions (SEO Automation and SEO Audit)
  • Warns against duplicate tracking codes (which can cause problems with metrics inside Google Analytics)
  • You can use Squirrly’s canonical URL definitions (from Snippet and from Bulk SEO) to protect against duplicate written content across multiple pages. A basic level of protection with canonical URLs is activated by default when you install Squirrly.

Protection against faulty No-Index placed by mistake (it happens even to the best developers, and that’s why it’s important to have this SEO Protection feature inside WordPress) is covered by:

  • “Run New Test” button, inside Daily SEO Goals
  • Bulk SEO Settings
  • Focus Pages

There are many features used to verify SEO elements in your site. They are independent from one another., That’s the secret sauce that makes the 100% Protection so powerful. Because they all work together, they have a huge chance of identifying problems that other tools would miss.

How to Start the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings If I Already Have the Plugin Installed?

If you already have Squirrly SEO installed inside your WordPress and you want to be able to increase ALL your rankings on the Google Search Engine, here’s how to start the Journey to Better Rankings. 14 Days. 14 Recipes you need to follow. They will lead you to that desired first page of Google search.

Then login every day and read the recipe for that day.

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