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What Else Does Squirrly SEO Offer When It Comes To Writing Great Content?

The majority of our users love the inspiration box from Squirrly, which is the answer to this question.

But for those of you who are new here, you should know that Squirrly SEO is not just an SEO plugin. It’s a complete content marketing tool, which is why for every post/page you want to optimize, you have access to the inspiration box.

squirrly seo

What can I do with the inspiration box, you ask? Well, let’s see:

  • Search for copyright free images based on the keyword of your choice;
  • Search or insert in your post the most recent tweets for any topic you’d like;
  • Search, read or insert in your post blog articles or quotes from Wikipedia;
  • Search for articles which you can inner link to your post.

If you want to see it in action, you can read more about this feature here.

How Can I Control How My Posts Look Like When I Share Them On Facebook?

If you don’t take advantage of the WordPress open graph from Squirrly, then your pages may not look nice when people share them on Facebook.

share them on Facebook

The open graph feature offered by the plugin is the option which allows you to control how you want your post to look like when users share your content.

You can set everything, from the title, the description and even the image for your post, which can be different than the ones you used in it.

This is especially important for eCommerce sites when you share product pages.

There’s also one other thing that Squirrly SEO offers for the open graph feature that no other plugin has. Curious to see what that is? Head over to this page to find out.

What Other Areas I Need To Work On To Increase My Site Authority?

While creating content on a regular basis shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s not the only aspect you need to consider when trying to improve your site authority and its online presence.

site authority

If you have no idea where to start or what you need to improve, then the site audit generated by Squirrly SEO can be a tremendous help.

In the audit, we analyze these 6 important areas:

  • Blogging;
  • Social;
  • SEO;
  • Traffic;
  • Links;
  • Authority.

So, if you want to defeat your competition, you need to have a score higher than 80. Read more about each section that’s included in the Squirrly site audit.

How Can I Check The Google Rank For The Articles I Optimized With Squirrly?

After you’ve spent some time finding a good keyword for your post and making sure that you have a green light for publishing it, it’s time to analyze the results.

google rank

We must say that the Performance Analytics section in Squirrly is quite addictive because it tells you more than the Google rank for your posts. It also shows you the number of social shares for them and whether you have any backlinks.

These insights are extremely valuable, especially because you can choose to track them for a specific country. So, if you own a local business, this is such an amazing thing to have.

Learn more about the Performance Analytics section.

Can I Add Tracking Codes For Social Media Analytics In Squirrly?

Yes. With Squirrly, you can control your social media promotions and take control of your eCommerce metrics.

In the Tracking Tools section, you need to add the tracking codes for Google Analytics, Facebook and Pinterest.

tracking codes

Also, there’s one other feature we need to mention here, which is extremely exciting: the Facebook Pixel integration.

You can now configure it in Squirrly without having to write a line of code. That way, you will get better control over your Facebook business page.

Last, but certainly not least, you can use the Rich Pins option which allows you to control how Pinterest displays your product pages.

Learn more about the Tracking Tools section in Squirrly SEO.

Can I Edit How My Posts Look Like In Search Engine Results?

Yes, of course.

It’s really easy to do it with Squirrly SEO because at the bottom of each post you have the snippet section from where you can change the title and the description set for your post.

Search Engine Results

If you don’t change the meta description, then Squirrly will set it according to the first 160 characters from your post.

We recommend editing the snippet so that you can get people’s attention in search engine results and get them to click on your page.

You can read more tips about this here.

How Can I Make My Site Stand Out In Search Results?

You’ve probably seen until now that there are some websites, including big ones, which show up in search results and all the important information about the company are nicely listed on the right side of the screen.

search results

That is because those websites use JSON-LD, which is a semantic SEO markup solution and it represents a simple way of making data more accessible, especially for Google.

Don’t be intimidated by how that sounds, because it’s not complicated at all. Not if you use Squirrly to implement it.

Find out how you can take advantage of this amazing feature.

What’s A Sitemap And Why Do I Need One?

A sitemap is an XML file which contains URL which Google can crawl and index and so search engines can learn more about your site, such as how you organize it and metadata about your pages.


Through the sitemap, you can also give Google important information about the images and videos you use in your pages.

Having a sitemap can help your site be discovered more easily by crawlers and it’s especially important if you have a lot of pages and if you add new content regularly.

Read all about the XML sitemap generated by Squirrly.

Can I use the Keyword Planner tool from Google for SEO?

NO. Never.

Short Answer: The Google Keyword Planner tool will show you more Search Volume than it should for SEO purposes. Meaning that it will show you in how many Search Queries it can display your Ad. It does not show you how many people search for that keyword on Google.

Long Answer: In the past even good SEO experts have used the old Keyword Research tool from Google Adwords. Make sure that you understand that tool is no longer existent. They have taken it down and replaced it with the Keyword Planner tool. This new tool is 100% designed to help search advertisers, not search engine optimization professionals.

It’s for buying ads, not for deciding how to serve smart organic search listings.

The small thing you could use from it is the part where it suggests keywords, but don’t look at any of the data. None of that data will help you. Here I would recommend tools like the Squirrly Keyword Research Tool (which shows high quantities of useful long-tail keywords) or Keywordtool.io or Ubersuggest.

Squirrly has very advanced algorithms and data sources which have been created for the specific purpose of serving organic content that matches the user’s intent, when the user searches on Google.

In Squirrly, the search volume is shown for: “keyword” (exact match), NOT for keyword (broad). The keyword planner from Google is not to be used for SEO purposes because it offers keyword info to be used in search advertising, not in organic. Therefore, they show volumes for broad searches and sometimes even similar, because those are SERPs where they could also show your ad, even though it’s not 100% your exact match keyword.

How do you calculate the search volume reported in keyword research?

The search volume data is based on API information that comes from SEMrush. In very few cases we estimate it ourselves.

In case you see differences between what we show and Keyword Planner from Google or other similar tools here is the explanation:

The search volume is shown for: “keyword” (exact match), NOT for keyword (broad).

The keyword planner from Google is not to be used for SEO purposes because it offers keyword info to be used in search advertising, not in organic.

Therefore, they show volumes for broad searches and sometimes even similar, because those are SERPs where they could also show your ad, even though it’s not 100% your exact match keyword.

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