What is the difference between Focus Pages and the SEO Live Assistant?

The SEO Live Assistant and Focus Pages are two completely different features.

The SEO Live Assistant can be used to optimize your pages for SEO.

Focus Pages analyzes a page’s chances of ranking taking into account over 113 ranking factors that Google also takes into account when deciding if to rank a page on Google and on which position.

One of the things the Focus Pages system checks for is whether your page is optimized using the SEO Live Assistant (to ensure you have Search Relevance). But it also looks at things like:

  • the keywords you are targeting,
  • whether you have backlinks for that page,
  • whether you have inner links,
  • and many more other factors that impact your chances of ranking.

A team can influence the ranking factors for about 10 pages at a time. Getting traffic, social media shares, writing better and longer content, making sure visitors have a good experience on a page — all these take a lot of focus.

By influencing the ranking factors and turning those Red Dots to Green, you start ranking higher and improving the chances of ranking on the first page.

Once a page starts ranking in TOP 10 on Google, then you no longer need to focus on tweaking the page and you can just check its ranking from the Ranking Section of Squirrly, to make sure it stays in top 10.

This frees up space for new pages you want to start ranking (new pages that you can set as Focus Pages).

Having a page set as Focus Pages doesn’t influence the SEO Live Assistant for that page.

Whether you have that page set as a Focus Page or not, the SEO Live Assistant will check for the same number of items.