Installing Squirrly SEO Plugin on a new site

Squirrly SEO Plugin

I’ve decided to write a post that will help you see how to fix this issue you may be encountering:

“I have a Squirrly SEO Plugin PRO version, but it isn’t letting me use it on a second blog on wordpress.  Please help. ”

Here’s how to solve it:

I made a short video for you to see how to do it.

You’ll see there that you need to go to your account:

WordPress -> Squirrly -> Account info and find out what email is your account email. The one on which you have the PRO version.

Then, go to your new wordpress site and make sure you install Squirrly SEO Plugin and then use your PRO email to connect to

Example shown in the video above.


  1. Harold Healey Harold Healey

    Hi Squirrly. How many site can I connect in Squirrly PRO? Can I remove a old site or I have to buy an upgrade for this? thank you

    1. Calin Vingan

      In the PRO version you can connect 7 blogs to Squirrly.

      You can remove unwanted blogs from and you will be able to add new ones.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Calin Vingan


      If you use a remote article without changing it, you can add the copied article link under the post Title.

      Squirrly will add the canonical meta and google will not penalize you.

      If you change the article with your words, than you don’t need to add a canonical.


    1. Calin Vingan

      To add an external canonical link you just have to add the link below the Title field.
      Don’t do that if your article is a local article, Squirrly will automatically add the local canonical link for you.

      Best regards,

  2. Richard

    How about using WordPress multisite for mobile and desktop versions of site? Do I need to manually write canonical URL’s and where?

    1. Calin Vingan


      You only need canonical links when the original content is on another website or another link, different to the current post link.

      In all other situations, you let the canonical field empty.


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