Does Google Still Take Keywords Into Account When Displaying Search Results?

Yes, the search engine which owns almost 80% of the market does concern itself with showing accurate information regarding that which people try to find online.

OR: read the following answer to your question (Hint: it’s the better one):

Yes, there are clear indicators that prove Google cares a lot about the keywords it finds on your pages. It would be pretty weird to display search results without them.

As you yourself can see in this second answer: you understand what I’m typing much better because you get to read what you intended to read when you wrote your own words.. your own keywords.

In the first answer I provided, I just wrote similar words to your keywords and you felt like you weren’t reading an answer for your exact question.

Engineers at Google are very smart and they know these things better than anyone else. Do not believe the hype, do not believe articles written by others on the web with the sole purpose of making them sound smart and desirable.

By using the right sets of words, it will be easier for your answers and your pages to match the intent of the person searching on the web.

Google knows this. Therefore, they keep using keywords. [this article is about Keywords in general, NOT about META keywords]

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