How to Inspect an URL with Google Search Console

How to Inspect an URL with Google Search Console

To access the Google Search Console for your website, go to and select the website you want to check. If your website is not yet added on GSC, follow this tutorial to add a property on Google Search Console

Once you get to your page on Google Search Console, add the URL or a Focus Page URL from Squirrly SEO that you want to inspect/verify and click Enter.

Once you get the URL status on Google Search Console, click to test the page by clicking on “Test Live URL” button.

If you get the message “URL is not on Google” it means that the URL was not yet indexed on Google and you need to ask Google to index it or wait until the Google crawlers get to your website.

Once you test the page with Google Live Test, you will see if the page is available, is mobile friendly, it has rich snippets, etc.

If the page is available for Google, the page will be indexed in Google next time the Google crawler will check your URL, click on “Request indexing” is available to force a crawler check in the next minutes.

If everything works okay. The page will appear on Google in the next minutes.

Note! If the snippet is changed on your page after the page is indexed, you need to request a new index. Google will not send the crawlers again on the same day so you will probably see the new snippet in the next days.

The User’s Manual from Squirrly SEO and FourHourSEO is our program at Squirrly, where we train a wide range of people (from Non-SEO Experts, to actual SEO experts and agencies).

Now, according to what you want to find, select the items you wish to go to:

How To Validate Website to Pinterest

Step 1. Go to your Pinterest profile and click on the edit button

Step 2. Click on “Settings” and “Claim”.

Step 3. “Confirm Website” button

Find the Confirm Website Button

Step 3. Copy the Code

Copy Meta Description

Step 4. Add the code to Squirrly > SEO Settings > Connections

Step 5. Save and validate at:

Squirrly Live Assistant is Not Showing in Edit Post

Squirrly Live Assistant is build to show on every post type while you’re in Post Editor in backend.

For the Classic Editor, the Live Assistant will load in the right side but you are free to move it below content too.

Since WordPress 5.0, if you’re using the Block System, the Live Assistant is loading as a minimized floating box and you can move it from right to the left as you like.

If you are in the Post Editor and Squirrly Live Assistant is not loading as it should please make sure that:

1. You didn’t select the Post Type in Squirrly > Live Assistant > Settings. Make sure you don’t select any post type like in the list below.

2. Squirrly is selected in the Editor Options if you use the Block System in WP 5.0

Go to Options in Editor
Select Squirrly in Editor Options

If both settings are correct, the Live Assistant will show in Post Editor.

I purchased Squirrly SEO subscription without trying it first. How do I get started?


I purchased Squirrly SEO subscription without trying it first. How do I get started?


Get Squirrly SEO Plugin For WordPress

Just follow the instructions from that page and you’ll get started in no time.

It gives you the latest version of the plugin.

Once you’ve connected your new plugin to our amazing cloud services, which help us run the software side of Squirrly SEO, you should do the following:

How do I make sure all my settings are made properly and that I can get results in the first 14 Days?


“Greetings! I just signed up for your SEO software for my news blog. I will upgrade if results are achieved within these 14 days. Kindly let me know and take a look at my account if the setting is done correctly for optimization.”


You’ll know if the settings are made properly just by following the recipe for each of the 14 days and by looking in the right sidebar. If you see red elements in the right sidebar, click on them to see how to make them green.

Once you’re having only green elements in WordPress – Squirrly SEO – Dashboard it means you’ve successfully set everything up.