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Dev Kit Advantages

We created this package as a response of many developers requests to be able to install the plugin and to monitor the clients from a single account.

Squirrly DEV Kit comes with many advantages for Agencies and Developers such as:

How to Access Web Dev Kit Settings

From your Squirrly Cloud account, go to Dev Kit Settings and you will be able to get access.

Customize the Plugin Name & Logo

Customize the Squirrly Menu and for all clients.

Customize the Squirrly Settings by activating the desired features.

Customize the Audit details with your information for both success and error messages.

Once the Squirrly SEO plugin is customized, you can download the plugin archive and just add it on the client’s website.

The plugin will automatically activate and you can import all the automation settings from your backup.

Squirrly will help you to:

Your clients will see:

Plugin Support

To activate the Dev Kit for your account you need to contact us at

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