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What Is the Best Advice for Integrating Squirrly SEO with Yoast?

R: If you have Yoast installed or any other SEO plugin, there’s no need to worry. You can install Squirrly SEO because we made sure it works with most WordPress plugins.

Squirrly SEO integration with other WordPress plugins

The point is that you don’t need to run the same features from all the plugins just to slow down the site speed and get same results.

That’s why Squirrly comes with the option to switch off some of the on-page SEO features like:

And many more other features.

If you used Yoast for on-page SEO, use Squirrly for content optimization. Here’s why:

If you use the Open Graph from Squirrly, you will get rich pins images after you validate one article in Pinterest at:


Check out all the Squirrly SEO Features:

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