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70 Technical SEO Aspects Handled By Squirrly Genius

Squirrly Genius is a brand new digital marketing assistant (it’s a piece of tech, not a human being) created by the Squirrly Company and it is one of your companions inside Squirrly SEO.

Unlike other assistants we’ve made available to you, Squirrly Genius handles many SEO tasks all by itself in the background. It doesn’t even bother you to click elements in the interface.

And it’s working around the clock on your behalf. (Offers the Premium Features from Yoast SEO, RankMath, SEOpress, All In One SEO, to you for FREE. Yes, just read the final list on this page and you will see.)

There are over 80 Potential Next SEO Goals you can encounter from time to time depending on pages you choose to focus on, but those are handled by Squirrly’s SML (Squirrly Machine Learning)

The 70 Aspects are more or less important SEO jobs that Squirrly Genius does for you. It saves you a lot of time and ensures that you don’t need to write a single piece of code.

Prepares your WordPress Site for SEO Success (as soon as you connect to Squirrly CLOUD for the first time).

Maintains good SEO:

Sidebar Green and Red Lights:

That was to help you see an easy overview. More details follow for those who want to read.

All of these are now handled in real-time by Squirrly Genius:

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