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Does Squirrly SEO Work on WP Multisite?

Yes, Squirrly SEO works on WP Multisite. You can optimize all the sub-sites in the network by activating Squirrly SEO for the entire Multisite Network or you can activate the Squirrly SEO plugin for a specific sub-site.

Note! Each sub-site is considered a new website so you need to connect each sub-site from WP Multisite with Squirrly Cloud.

If you have a free account at Squirrly, you can connect only one sub-site from your network to your account. If you have up to 7 sites, we recommend you to switch to the PRO plan.

If you connect more websites to a free account by mistake, you can remove the extra websites from https://my.squirrly.co/blogs.



How do you know if you have too many websites connected to Squirrly?

Once you connect too many websites to Squirrly, you will get a warning box in the WordPress post editor that looks like this:

Once you remove the extra websites, the warning will disappear and you can continue to use the Squirrly Live Assistant on your website.

Squirrly will not remove or deactivate on-page metas if you connect too many websites by mistake.

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