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How Accurate is Squirrly’s keyword research is? Comparable to Ahrefs?

We can tell you for certain that it’s more accurate than SEMrush. We haven’t used Ahrefs in a while, so it wouldn’t be fair to compare to some of their older algorithms which they might not have today (because they might have updated versions).

And unlike SEMrush and other keyword research tools, we don’t use cached databases.

Our keyword research data is fresh, since we don’t use cached databases.

Our cache is about 48 hours, not a whole year or two years, like you find in SEMrush and UberSuggest. As we use Google Trends and Google API for trends and search volume, Social Media for discussions, the data should be fresh every time and this is why it is different from others.

Our tool brings fresh data for the keywords, not old search volumes.

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