Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin and The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Gutenberg Editor

You’ve most likely already heard about the new WordPress update which will bring quite a drastic change to the WordPress editor we’re all used to.

WP 5.0 is going to introduce the Gutenberg editor that will use blocks to create different types of content.

WordPress Gutenberg Editor

If you’re familiar with visual editors such as Divi, then it will be easy for you to adjust to Gutenberg.

As of right now, WordPress users can download the new WP editor in the form of a plugin, test it out on their sites, and send their thoughts and feedback regarding the experience.

Even if you install the plugin, you will still be able to switch to the current visual editor and use Squirrly without any issues.

WordPress acknowledged that the current editor works wonders when it comes to creating written content. However, they also realized that the experience was not that great when it came to building pages and posts that required a mix of visual elements.

Squirrly SEO and WordPress Gutenberg

Over the last few months, we’ve worked quite a lot on making Squirrly’s live assistant compatible with the visual editors that the majority of Squirrly SEO users had installed on their sites.

Because the WordPress Gutenberg editor is similar to these types of builders, the live assistant may have a hard time picking up the content optimization from the blocks.

When WP 5.0 is going to be released, Gutenberg will become the default editor. This means that we need to rethink the way we integrate Squirrly in order to make it compatible with the new update.

For now, we plan to wait until Gutenberg is a stable editor. If we start making adjustments now, then they will probably stop being effective when other changes will be released.

We’re definitely open to your feedback and your thoughts about this major update, and if you get a chance to test it out, feel free to let us know what you think.

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