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Squirrly Snippet

The Squirrly Snippet shows you how your article will look on search engines. By customizing it, you will boost the conversion rate.

By default, Squirrly Snippet generates the meta-information for your article. When it creates your meta description, it basically takes the first lines of your article and it integrates them.

It also checks if your keyword already appears in that text section. The wrong thing to do for an automatic SEO software would be to not give you the possibility to customize your text, and to take the same one that is used for the main site for each page, therefore generating duplicates.


  1. Essa ferramenta tem me favorecido bastante, muito obrigado por compartilhar eficiência e qualidade. Saudações

  2. Stupid thing doesn’t work at all. It just flat out won’t work. Now I have to uninstalled Squirrly and put Yoast back on, because this snippet thing is ruining my descriptions and titles for all pages.

    1. Calin Vingan

      Hey, Please make sure you have Squirrly 5.3.1 installed … Squirrly 5.3 has a big change in SEO and we had to make it work with all the themes … We’ve made the required changes and now we have positive feedback for 5.3.1 version.

      Have a great year!

    1. Calin Vingan


      It can be .htaccess permission in your blog root. Squirrly verifies the pages on frontend and id the blog doesn’t allow this you probably get an error like this.

      Try to remove the restrictions from .htaccess or talk with your host about this issue.

      Best regards,

  3. Calin Vingan


    Please make sure you installed the 6.0.0 version of Squirrly. If it still happen please send me an email on support@squirrly.co

    Best regards,

  4. Igor

    Good day!

    I have a question. Why I can not manage keyword in Snippet? Squirrly insert meta title in keywords automatically. How can I change it?

    Best regards, Igor

  5. HI Calin Vingan did a very good job and you just eased the word for any new SEO student who want to learn it for professional purpose and please carry on your work. Thanks

  6. Calin Vingan

    Excellent. It will definitely work for improving google ranks. Thanks a lot

  7. The info that I have included on the snippit is appearing on the actual page of my website – I need to remove it from the front end as it looks ridiculous. Can anyone help?

    1. Calin Vingan

      If you set in Settings > Reading a Static page as a Home Page then, if you edit the snippet for that page, it will appear in the Home Page.

      To remove the custom snippet, go to that page and reset the changed inside that snippet

  8. Spicy


    can i use both Squirrly nd Yoast together? Cause i found it diffcult to change from yoast to Squirrly because of i’ve already use/edit snippet on yoast before, so i don’t know if i deactivate the yoast plugin all my snippet edited for a particular post will be transfer to Squirrly.

    1. Calin Vingan

      If you have the SEO optimisation made with Yoast, when you deactivate Yoast the title and description will be imported by Squirrly in Squirrly Snippet.

      Best regards,
      Calin, CTO of Squirrly

      1. Spicy


        There is a problem, yoast normally make use of %%title%% and %%sep%%, Squirrly dose not use it, so after i deactivated the yoast, these tags nw display (%%title%%) instead of the article title.

        Please how can i solve this issue?

        1. Calin Vingan

          If you use the custom title and description in the Yoast snippet tool, Yoast will overwrite the pattern and save the custom data.

          If you deactivate Yoast, we will get that data in Squirrly Snippet Tool.

          We do not use pattern meta in Squirrly SEO

          Hope this helps

          1. Spicy

            I Understand, if its so, that means the problem can’t be solve and i can’t use the plugin while am having this problem because i have more than 3,000 contents on my web and i can’t start editing them one by one. Once yoast get deactivated, squirrly get activated , %%title%% %%sep%% will occur at my header title.

          2. Calin Vingan

            Squirrly works with Yoast activated. You can switch off the SEO from Squirrly and use the content optimization tool from Squirrly.

  9. Suddenly my Open Graph Protocol doesn’t work.

    When I share to Facebook, the image for my post no longer works, just the title. This has only occurred the last few days. There is also an issue with GZIP compression, I have it installed, but again, Squirrly no longer recognises it.

    Are these known issues. I have both set up on my WordPress site, but they no longer show as working, or work. I’m confused as to why they suddenly no longer work

    1. Calin Vingan


      Thank you for your comment.

      I checked your blog and it has the Open Graph. I tried to share and it looks okay.
      Did you find the solution or it was a cache issue?

      I will verify the GZIP in Audit and see if there is a crawler problem.

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