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How to Get the Most out of Squirrly SEO if You Use WP Bakery for Your Site

Do you use WP Bakery for your website?

In this article, we’re going to show you which Squirrly SEO features work perfectly with the WPBakery Page Builder – and which don’t.

For the features that aren’t fully compatible with this builder, we’re going to give you simple workarounds so that you can make the most out of Squirrly SEO if you’re using WPBakery.

Let’s get to it.

Squirrly SEO and WPBakery– Important Things You Should Know

Squirrly SEO provides:

 ✅ Squirrly SEO features that work great with the WPBakery Builder:


 ✅ Our Analytics features are able to read all the data even from pages built with the WPBakery Builder.

 ✅ Features such as the SEO Audit and Focus Pages C A N read all the content of your pages, even if they were built with WPBakery.

✅ You can see data regarding click-through-rateimpressionstrafficclicks – works for all pages built with WPBakery, which gives you a lot of information that you can use to better understand performance and know what tweaks you need to make to achieve even better results.

You’ll also see information about the speed with which your pages load, their Authority, and much more.

^^ Pretty much all functionality and features listed in: Squirrly > All Features work with the WPBakery Builder.

So, you will be able to use Squirrly to do WPBakery SEO and start ranking your pages in the top positions in Google Search.

We did mention that NOT everything works perfectly with the WPBakery Builder, though…

The main feature that requires a bit of a workaround is the SEO Live Assistant which provides real-time SEO feedback as you are typing your content.

Although we’ve tried very hard to make the SEO Live Assistant work flawlessly with the WPBakery Builder, many different factors come into play, and we never want to risk seeing errors.

That said, we do have a workaround that allows you to still use the SEO Live Assistant and get guidance on how to achieve perfect on-page SEO for content that you want to place inside pages you’ve built using the WPBakery Builder.

📍 The SEO Live Assistant works from the Cloud App and helps you optimize ALL your content from pages built with the WPBakery Builder. 

Works for:

All you need to do is build out the text with the SEO Live Assistant (from the cloud) to make sure it’s perfectly SEO’ed (meaning it’s Search Relevant) and then you copy it bit by bit into the page, wherever you need to place each bit inside the design of the page.

^^ (a step-by-step tutorial for this is available below)

Once content is optimized, it will remain optimized – even if you copy it from the Squirrly Cloud to your site.

You will NOT lose the optimization.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the SEO Live Assistant from the Cloud App to optimize the entire content before adding it to the WPBakery builder.

Step 1: Go to Your Squirrly SEO Cloud Account

!! You get access to the Cloud, regardless of the Squirrly plan you have. When you use Squirrly SEO and you connect to Squirrly Cloud services for the first time, you automatically get access to a cloud account.

The easiest way to access your Squirrly Cloud account is directly from the Squirrly Overview section, from the panel that reads: 

Want to see the rest of the sites under your account? Click Here >>

You can also reach your Cloud Account by clicking on the Profile icon from anywhere inside the plugin.

Either way, it will automatically log you into your SEO Cloud account from where you will be able to access the cloud version of the SEO Live Assistant.

(no need to provide any login credentials)

Step 2: Open the SEO Live Assistant

Then click on either Article or Product (if you have a product page) to open the Content Editor.

Step 3: Copy/Paste all the Content You Want to Optimize using the SEO Live Assistant. Then add your keyword.

Go to the page/article, etc. you want optimized (whether you’ve already published it or you just have it saved as draft).

COPY/PASTE all the content from that page (including the title) into the editor you see in the Cloud SEO Live Assistant.

Then add the keyword you want to rank for with that particular page inside the dedicated field.

In the example below, the keyword for this page is: “Cat Food”.

Once you add your content and your keyword(s):

The Live Assistant will start analyzing your content in real-time and provide suggestions of things you need to do in order to make it 100% optimized for SEO.

You can then start implementing those suggestions on your text right there and then (everything inside the SEO assistant must be turned Green to achieve 100% on-page SEO optimization).

You will do all your optimization work inside the cloud version of the SEO Assistant.

Once you’re done with that, you’re ready to take the final step.

Step 4: Copy the Text You’ve Optimized using the Cloud Version of the SEO Live Assistant back into your Site

Copy it bit by bit into the page wherever you need to place each bit inside the design of the page you’ve built with WPBakery.

Remember: Once content is optimized, it will remain optimized – even if you copy it from the Squirrly Cloud to your site.

You will NOT lose the optimization.

This means: you’ve started with basic text that you’ve copied from your site and ended up with 100% Optimized text that was checked by our SEO Live Assistant and now has much better chances of ranking on Google.

Good to Know

This way, you will be able to resume working on optimizing a piece of content you’ve copied from your site and into the Cloud SEO Live Assistant editor without losing your progress. Just make sure to save your work by clicking on the Save button before leaving the Squirrly Cloud interface.

And there You Have it!

While this way of optimizing with the Live Assistant may not be as smooth as doing all the optimizations right from your WordPress editor, it will provide you with the same great outcome.

Give it a go! 😀

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