Squirrly First Page Optimization

Squirrly First Page Optimization

Squirrly First Page Optimization shows you how to optimize the home page of your website fast and easy. You will have a preview to see how it will look in the search results.

To customize the META for each Page/Post, just use the Squirrly Snippet Tool from the Page/Post editor.

Calin Vingan

CTO at Squirrly
I've been into Software Engineering and Web Development since 2001 and I have great knowledge in the areas of SEO, Content Analysis, E-commerce. My recent products are Squirrly SEO and Contentlook and I'm a fan of WordPressI also love Nike+ and have a good score on it 🙂

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    1. Nola Nadal

      First I have to say that My Title is not saved when I change it in Squirrly SEO and The Snippet is not saving the changes when I click save.

      Please help!

      1. Calin Vingan

        You have to check if you have a Cache Plugin installed or a WPEngine hosting. In order to see the changes you have to Prune the Cache in WpEngine or wait for the cache refresh.

      1. Calin Vingan


        If you are using a static page in Settings > Reading, go to page editor and edit the Squirrly Snippet for it. You can add an image in Squirrly Snippet which will be use in Open Graph.

        If you use a Blog Page in Settings > Reading you can do the same for it using the Squirrly Snippet.

        Best regards,

    2. Hello, the seo squirrly team is, in my opinion, the best SEO plugin, but there is a problem that in the Persian language titles and home page indexes do not go to Google and I have to use all seo. The problem is in the First Page Optimization section and Title and Description and Keywords Please fix this. Thank you
      my website: http://www.seouser.ir

      1. Calin Vingan

        Hi, Yes. You can edit the robots.txt from Squirrly > SEO Settings > Robots.txt

      1. Calin Vingan

        Hi – could you please give us more details about the issue you’re having?