Squirrly Snippet Tool

Squirrly Snippet

Squirrly Snippet Tool

The Squirrly Snippet Tool shows you how your article will look like on search engines. By customizing it, you will boost the conversion rate.


Note that ‘search engines’ does not only stand for Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. Social media networks are also based on a search engine premise. Pinterest, for instance, is a platform where people can find you via a keyword-based inquiry.

After the inquiry, the search engine provides result pages. What you see on those result pages is called meta-information.

By default, Squirrly Snippet generates the meta-information for your article by:

  1. Taking the first lines of your article and automatically adding them to the meta description.
  2. Making sure the keyword you optimized for appears in the selected lines.
  3. Including the featured image.

If you want to go beyond the default options, Squirrly Snippet Tool allows you to:

  • Customize the Meta Description
  • Customize the Title
  • Insert an Image for Social Sharing

The wrong thing to do for an automatic SEO software would be not to give you the possibility to customize your metadata. It would be counterintuitive to take the same one being used for the main site for each page. This will only generate duplicates.

With its customization options, Squirrly Snippet Tool is a necessary feature helping you control the way Google lists and displays your posts.

Squirrly SEO Plugin

Installing Squirrly SEO Plugin on a new site

I’ve decided to write a post that will help you see how to fix this issue you may be encountering:

“I have a Squirrly SEO Plugin PRO version, but it isn’t letting me use it on a second blog on wordpress.  Please help. ”

Here’s how to solve it:

I made a short video for you to see how to do it.

You’ll see there that you need to go to your account:

WordPress -> Squirrly -> Account info and find out what email is your account email. The one on which you have the PRO version.

Then, go to your new wordpress site and make sure you install Squirrly SEO Plugin and then use your PRO email to connect to squirrly.co

Example shown in the video above.