Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 3

Goal for today: Briefcase & optimize focus page for the found keyword. Then index with Search Console today.

Let’s start with Briefcase

See this video to find out how you can use Briefcase

And this one for how to use Labels.

Now, go to WordPress – Squirrly – Research – Briefcase.

Make sure you add in your briefcase the Direct 1, Direct 2, Direct 3 and Direct 4 keywords that you found yesterday, using the recipe for Day 2 of your 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking.

If you don’t remember them … if you haven’t already placed the good ideas to Briefcase … then do this today!

Good news: you can find yesterday’s research in History (keyword research history). Here’s a video for how to use that section.

Get your keywords inside briefcase.

Good, from now on you’ll have a clearer idea about what your keyword portfolio looks like. Because you’ll basically know in the future which keywords you can cover with your site.


You’ve seen the video on how to use the feature.

Here is a lesson that teaches everything about using Labels to organize according to Direct / Indirect keywords, page keywords, blog post keywords, eCommerce keywords, customer journeys, etc.

It will help you understand more about SEO Strategy.

Right now, you’re beginning to work on a SEO Strategy. Very hands-on.

Remember you can always share ideas with the JourneyTeam on Facebook.

Optimize Your Focus Page:

Yesterday you took the necessary steps to ensure you have a good keyword to match your focus page.

Today you’ll use the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly SEO to optimize that page to 100%. Get perfect SEO text on the page. Text that will be great for both Humans and Search Engines. That’s the genius behind Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant feature.

Go to Edit the page. You’ll see the SEO Live Assistant in WordPress – Edit Post, in the right side of the screen.

Just place your keyword in.

Then follow the guidance from the SEO Live Assistant.

Pages optimized to 100% get an increase in traffic of +285%, compared to pages which were not optimized. Study made for over 49,000 sites using Squirrly SEO. However, this is not everything. There’s more you can do, and Focus Pages section shows you everything you need.

Google Search Console:

Many WordPress sites don’t get indexed at all, or don’t get indexed properly because they are not added to Google Search Console, and Google doesn’t know about them.

In case you haven’t used Google Search Console before, follow only the first 2 mini-goals from tomorrow’s recipe, then come back here and finish what you have for today. Just do first 2 mini goals then come back.

Also, since you’ve just optimized your Focus Page, you need to tell Google search console (GSC) that you’ve done this step. Otherwise, Google’s algorithms won’t “know” that you’ve updated your page with great optimized content.

  • if you don’t have Google Search Console yet, make sure you create an account at GSC and that you add your website, so it starts getting indexed by Google.
  • if you already have GSC, then make sure you make Google Search Console re-index your focus page. place the entire URL (permalink) to your page into the big search bar at the top in the GSC interface. Then look at the buttons. One of them is used to tell Google to re-index the page.


You’ve made some important steps today in the right direction.

You’re well on your way to Better Ranking now.

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