Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 11

Goal for today: Send traffic to the Focus Page.

If you have an Email List: email them about your Focus Page, so that they enter your page and spend time on it (and thus creating positive signals for Google through Google Analytics and the super huge fix I gave you for GA).

You can use Quora Ads to boost initial traffic a bit to this Focus Page. Saying this because quora ads are pretty cheap and bring good traffic (from our recent experiments with it). Otherwise, if you have some money to spend, totally try Google Ads for a while. Only use one or two keywords you’ve already researched in previous days of your Journey. Make sure they only display your ad for those keywords and not others.

Share more on Social Media groups and profiles. Again, keep in mind the lessons I’ve linked to from previous days. We massively grew a mobile game development blog some time ago, just by having long content (2,000 words),  good Google Analytics metrics and social sharing.

Try getting visitors for your focus page. Seeing how much time people spend on it and if they visit other pages from your site is really important.

Basically, I’m letting only this be the whole action plan for one day, because it will take you a while to set up your campaigns and get the traffic.

Once you have the traffic, study time on page and bounce rate.

If the numbers are really bad, then it can mean it’s time to re-write the page.

Don’t be afraid of re-writing. Your purpose, your goal is to get to TOP 10 in Google. It’s an ultra-competitive race, so you really need to push through to get your desired results. And worry not, a lot of great people have never gotten it right from the start: take Oscar Wilde for example… Picture of Dorian Gray only became popular after the 5th edition and the 5th market release. He had to keep re-writing it to make it successful. He did that. And now it’s one of the most popular books in classic literature.

If the numbers are good, then you’re ready for Day 12.

Bounce rate below 50%. Time on Page (on average) should be over 2 minutes.

Some people use high quality videos on their pages to keep people longer on the page. Other use great graphics and infographics. Others simply write their pages really well.

This is not important for Squirrly. It’s important for Google. It’s one of those things that tells it if the page has quality content.

Note: for landing pages: bounce rate will most likely be over 50%, because you don’t allow the user to do anything other than place an email address. You could try re-directing to a thank you page which takes the subscribed user to see other content from the site, though. This will lower the bounce rate, even for a Landing Page type of focus page.

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