Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 1

Goal for today: choose a focus page and look at all the red elements.

This will be the page (can be a Page, a Custom Post Type, a blog article, an e-commerce product) that you will focus on for this 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

This recipe will help you improve your rankings for the page you choose.

Therefore, it should be an important page. We think of focus pages as money-making pages, or pages of great value to you and your business.

It can be a page that already generates calls, leads, important brand awareness.

For example it can even be a page for one of your brand’s product. In our case that would be “Squirrly SPY”. It’s a branded keyword, but we know that many people search to find our product presentation page for Squirrly SPY.

Remember: just one page for the 14 Days Journey. To make sure you can truly focus and take it to SEO success. If you go after too many pages at once, you lose focus very fast and get just “almost” and “kinda” results.

Also, don’t choose your homepage as a Focus Page. It rarely helps. Google tries to bring PAGES from domains up in search positions, not the domain of the site. Many reasons for this, and not enough time today to get into this topic. (you can request info about this on the JourneyTeam community, though).

Okay, you have what you need to know for Day 1. Choose your Focus Page.

It needs to be a page that you 100% want people to find when searching on Google.

Add it to Squirrly SEO’s Focus Pages section.

Our system will begin analyzing over 54 ranking factors that Google takes into account to rank that page. The analysis is very complex and it takes a while. That’s why it’s crucial for the 14 Days Journey that we start with this.

Start looking at all the red elements that show up. Click on each of them to see sub-tasks. Then click each one to learn how it can be fixed.

This will help you visualize the ranking factors Google uses to determine what position you will reach.

The following days will be about finding the right place in Google where you can reach a TOP 10 position (a top 10 ranking).

Great! This is all for today. Look more into this section to see the elements. Click on those circles.

Here you can read more about the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

It’s great the you are a part of this and that you decided to become the latest member of our JourneyTeam. In that article you can read about the method and the way we sponsor the new members.

The red elements in Focus Pages represent drawbacks. The things represented by the Red elements are what currently keep your page from being placed higher in search engine results pages. (SERPs)

Once more data comes in, the system will tell you more accurately your existing chances of ranking that page.

The more you turn Red elements into Green, the more you improve your chances of finishing in TOP 10 Positions in Google Search.

That’s why you should take the time and check them out. Also, join the JourneyTeam and if you want you can share your commitment to follow the recipe during these 14 Days of your Journey.

People you find there are also taking the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings. Some of them have already successfully completed it.


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