If I want to create a new Focus Page: Should it be a Post or a Page?

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    Q: “I like to know it is better to create a page or a post you have that as my focus page. If so how do I turn a post into a page safely. I downloaded a plug-in which will turn a post into a page, when I deleted the post the page disappeared also.”


    It can be a post or a page. It doesn’t really matter for Google in most cases.
    When to choose page over post:
    – you have better conversion elements on the page, than you could have on the blog post (to grab emails, display telephone number, etc.)
    – your page has better URL architecture (for example site.com/seo/content/writing, where previous pages SEO and Content are also very powerful SEO-wise, it would give higher chances for /seo/content/writing/ to rank higher for the keyword (seo content writing) than if you had a blog post like: site.com/seo-content-writing)
    This is really all there is that impacts SEO or usability.

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