How to set the Google Webmaster Tool

google webmaster tool

Why should you use the Google Webmaster Tool

Google created Webmaster Tool as a way to connect your site to their server.
It is the fastest way to tell Google that your site is ready for ranking, and what has your site feed. Google uses this tool to notify you (through email) about the crawling errors, or SEO errors in your site.

How to add your site in Google Webmaster Tool?

1. First, you have to connect to, and sign in (or create an account, if you don’t have one)google webmaster tool


2. Now add your site in webmaster by clicking the “Add a site” button.

3. Choose Alternate Methods to validate and choose HTML Tag.



4. Google will ask you to validate your site, and it will give you a code like this one.

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="dsa4nIUAyAAjnd0GUX9OpP7yJ2ecwUBHywpOaWakK1g" />


5. Add that code in Squirrly > Settings > Google webmaster and click “Save settings”.



6. Go back to the webmaster tool site, and click “Verify site”. You should receive a confirmation message.


Now that your site is connected, you can submit your sitemap.xml. Learn how to do it.


  1. Annabell Addis Annabell Addis

    Very interesting post!

    You have shared Great and informative Article about webmaster tool.
    Thanks a lot for such kind information.

  2. Aldo Aldo

    I was fighting to learn how to set up Google Webmaster in Squirrly and I haven’t find any information about it.

    Thanks for this step by step help. Now it got it 🙂

  3. Calin Vingan

    it is the best tool to find your website crawling and seo errors. Also it helps to check backlinks and the ranking of your keywords.

    1. Calin Vingan


      This may happen only if you have a cache plugin and the cache persists.

      Try to purge the cache and try again.


  4. thx for the great info on setting up google webmaster tools 🙂

    How long have you been doing SEO?

  5. I verified my site with google a while ago. How do I get the google meta verification tag now?

    1. Calin Vingan

      If you verified your site, then you don’t need to add the meta verification tag.

  6. Calin Vingan

    Google WT is checking your site again after a while and it will show you “Site not verified” if you remove the WP code from Squirrly SEO Settings

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