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Import/Export SEO & Settings

You can use the Import-Export settings to:

There are 4 main sections in the Import/Export settings page:

  1. Import Settings & SEO
  2. Backup Settings & SEO
  3. Restore Settings & SEO
  4. Rollback Plugin

Each one of them serves a well-defined purpose, and we will explain what each section helps you achieve in more detail.

But first, let’s take a look at how you can access this section.

How to Get Access to the Import / Export Section

The Import-Export settings are located in the SEO Settings section of Squirrly SEO. Navigate to  Squirrly SEO > SEO Settings > Import/Export to reach the Import/Export page.

Access Import & Export Settings

Go to Squirrly > SEO Settings > Import / Export

Import SEO & Settings from Other SEO Plugins

Using a lot of plugins may affect website speed, which is one of the reasons why we don’t advise using multiple SEO plugins at once.

There is no need to use another plugin for SEO, as Squirrly’s over 450 features cover all SEO metas and every single aspect involved in ranking a site on Google. HOWEVER, you can use Squirrly SEO alongside other plugins if you want to, and the Import setting makes it very easy to import settings and SEO from other plugins.

Looking at how Import SEO & Settings is set up, you may ask yourself why there are two different sections for this. The reason is that there is a clear distinction between Settings and SEO:

To import settings from a plugin or theme, simply select the plugin or theme you want to import the Settings from – and click on Import Settings. You can import settings from:


If you import the SEO settings from other plugins or themes, you will lose all the settings that you had in Squirrly SEO (the settings you import will overwrite the settings you make in Squirrly SEO). Make sure you backup your settings from Backup Settings & SEO before you do this.

To import SEO from a plugin or theme, simply select the plugin or theme you want to import the SEO from – and click on Import SEO. You can import SEO from:


It will import only the SEO for the pages that were NOT yet optimized with Squirrly SEO. This will ensure that you don’t lose the SEO for pages that you already optimized with Squirrly. So, unlike what happens for Import settings, the SEO you import will NOT overwrite the SEO for pages optimized with Squirrly.

Backup all SEO Snippets, Settings & Keywords

In this section, you can download your Squirrly settings, snippet optimizations, and briefcase keywords in an SQL file before you go ahead and import the SEO settings from another plugin.

That way, you can always go back to your Squirrly settings and restore your snippet optimizations and your Briefcase keywords.

!! You will need these files to restore the settings and all the pages optimized with Squirrly SEO.

Restore SEO Snippets, Settings & Keywords

In the previous section, we showed you how to back your settings, SEO snippets and Briefcase Keywords. But, how do you then import them back to Squirrly SEO? By using the Restore Settings & SEO section.

Restoring the settings and all the pages optimized with Squirrly SEO is pretty straightforward.

You can also use this functionality to re-use the settings you’ve configured with Squirrly SEO on different websites. However, we advise against it – and 100% recommend using this function only to restore the Settings and SEO you’ve made for a certain site – on that specific site.

Another thing you should note about the restore process: Whenever the settings are restored, they overwrite the existing settings. That means your existing settings which you may have made using other plugins may be lost forever. Be careful with this and you should have no problems.

Rollback Squirrly SEO to Previous Version

There may be some rare instances in which a new version of the plugin has some bugs or errors. To prepare for those cases, we gave you the option to rollback to a version of the plugin that is 100% stable.

In this section, you can rollback Squirrly SEO plugin to the last stable version with just one click.

Reinstall Current Squirrly SEO Version

In case there are minor updates made to the current version of the plugin (updates that don’t require launching a new version of the plugin), you can simply use the reinstall current version function to ensure all updates are included.

Reinstall the current version of the plugin by clicking on Reinstall Current Version.

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