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Advanced SEO & Settings

The Advanced Settings option will only show automatically IF, during the onboarding process, you chose SEO Expert as the title that best defines your current level of SEO knowledge and expertise.

This section does NOT include MUST-HAVE, mandatory SEO settings, so you don’t have to worry about this if you are an SEO beginner. Everything you need to achieve perfect SEO for your site is covered by the other features that Squirrly SEO offers.

We created Advanced Settings as a response to requests coming from SEO experts who wanted to perform very specific actions and configurations using Squirrly.

That said, we’ll go through every option available in the Advanced Settings section and provide more details about what each one of them refers to.

Access Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings are located within the SEO Settings section of Squirrly SEO. Navigate to Squirrly > SEO Settings > Advanced to reach it.

How to Access Advanced Settings

Go to Squirrly > SEO Settings > Advanced

Load Squirrly Frontend CSS

Load Squirrly SEO CSS for Twitter and Article inserted from Squirrly Blogging Assistant. By default, this option is turned ON.

But you also have the option to turn it OFF by sliding the toggle to the left.

When this option is switched ON, Squirrly will load a CSS file for the Squirrly Blogging Assistant. For example, for importing a Tweet Box (which allows you to display a Tweet directly inside an article or page), a specific format is used. To ensure that format will be kept in the frontend as well, it’s best to load this CSS.

<link rel='stylesheet' href='/wp-content/plugins/squirrly-seo/view/assets/css/frontend.css' type='text/css' />

If you use the Blogging Assistant, make sure to ACTIVATE this option to ensure everything will look great.

In case you do NOT use the Blogging Assistant and you don’t want this CSS to load, turn this option OFF.

! Important

Having this option turned ON does NOT impact site speed.

Minify Squirrly SEO METAs

 Turn ON or OFF: Minify Squirrly SEO Metas.

Turning this option ON will minify the metas in order to compress the source code and optimize the page loading. Having this option turned on can help with caching, but it’s NOT mandatory to activate this option, unless, for example, a possible client specifically asks for this type of configuration.

Squirrly SEO Late Buffer

Squirrly SEO is compatible with the vast majority of Cache and CDN plugins.

However, there may be some Cache and CDN plugins that don’t work properly if Squirrly loads too fast. These cases are very rare.

Even so, to ensure compatibility with such Cache and CDN plugins as well and prepare for possible errors, we added the option to: Wait for all plugins to load before loading Squirrly SEO frontend buffer.

Delete Squirrly SEO Table on Uninstall

When this option is turned ON, the Squirrly SEO table and options will be deleted from the database when you delete Squirrly from a WordPress site. No trace of information will be left behind. Everything will be deleted from the database.

Only activate this option when you are 100% sure you no longer want to use Squirrly SEO and need to permanently delete everything from the WordPress site regarding Squirrly SEO.

If you want to leave Squirrly SEO, you’ll still need to close the Cloud Account, though !!! Remember to also log into

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