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How Unique Are The Daily SEO Goals?

Private SEO Consultant.

Private. It’s yours. The advice is also made specifically for you and for your current website.

If you have 7 sites, you’ll most probably get different Daily SEO Goals on each site.

Everything is unique, because Squirrly’s SML (Squirrly Machine Learning), analyzes all data about your site (part of it from within WordPress, part of it from our Cloud Services). Then it compares it to multiple patterns analyzed for other websites which went through Daily SEO Goals and Focus Pages Tasks AND reached success!

It basically does what a real human SEO Consultant should do:

The Golden Nugget the Consultant will offer you is:

the few things you can easily get done, very fast which will also have the biggest potential impact on your POSITIONS in the Google Search Engine.

Just like a real human SEO Consultant who’s really good at his job, Squirrly’s SML and the Daily SEO Goals panel will not waste your time with trivial tasks.

Everything it says is aimed at getting you to TOP 10 in the shortest time-frame possible.

And better than what some human consultants could do (I mention some, and here I’m talking about consultants with 1 to 3 years of experience only) : it will bring you your Goals according to evolution data, progress and achievements of over 600,000 sites that were catalogued and tracked by the Squirrly Company since we first publicly launched Squirrly SEO back in 2013.

Those are many years of experience, and we were lucky to have kept all the data. Because Squirrly SEO was always powered by crawlers, SERP Checkers and Analytics (at one point we even had our own), we have stored a lot of data about how WordPress sites evolve and get ranked to top positions.

We used machine learning on all those data sets to identify the quickest paths to success and to be able to grab the exact types of tasks you can work on (as a Non-SEO Expert), which will ensure success.

So in terms of successful websites and search visibility, the Squirrly 2020 Smart Strategy which brings you these goals, is a lot better equipped than most beginner-level SEO Consultants.

This moves far beyond what we offered in Squirrly 2019 Strategy.

Smart Strategy (the new Squirrly 2020) brings you unique goals, just like a real SEO Consultant would.

These goals will always be unique and the more you use and complete Daily SEO Goals, the better they will become for you, once it learns more about how fast your site can increase in rankings.

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