How do I ping an article?

Question received: “Really trying to work my website, but I have a question and can’t find it in the support. How do I ping an articles, I don’t have any articles indexed.” Answer: ” The best would be to go through Google Search Console if you don’t have any indexed. Once you […]

how to write a long tail keyword?

we sometimes get this question over email: “how to write a long tail keyword?”. Here is a short and clear answer to explain it: Focus on something like “buy cheap steam games” instead of a basic keyword like “steam”. By focusing on long tail keywords, you improve your chances of […]

What should I do after I buy the PRO version for Starbox – Author Box for Humans on WordPress?

The question: “I bought the Starbox pro version and did not get my zip download with the plugin.  Can someone help me out here?” The Answer: “Please login to your account here: and then go over to: There you will be able to download the zip for the […]