Easy steps to change the posts order in WordPress Blog

You can ether install a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-order/ or add the next lines in the function.php file from your wordpress theme. add_filter ( ‘posts_orderby’, ‘custom_posts_order’, 99, 1); function custom_posts_order( $orderby) { if (is_category()){ return ‘post_modified DESC’; } }   I’ve changed the custom order from ‘post_date DESC’ to ‘post_modified DESC’ to have […]

Squirrly Site Audit

Tracks all the aspects of your Content Marketing strategy: Blogging, Keywords, SEO, Authority, Traffic, Social Signals. It doesn’t just track them and gives you a score, it also gives you Professional advice on how to fix problems and improve your marketing. You’ll be able to send problems related to SEO […]

change post permalink

Change the Post Permalink in WordPress

Watch the slides and learn how to customize the WordPress Post Permalink to include the keyword from Squirrly SEO. First make sure you have selected the custom permalink in Settings > Permalink   NOTE! All your old articles will change the link to permalinks   Then, make sure you add the right keyword […]