Squirrly Live Assistant

Squirrly Live Assistant

What we’ve done is we made sure that you now have a clever assistant inside your WordPress dashboard. The Live Assistant feature helps you in real-time, as you’re typing your article, so that you make the written text friendly for human readers, not just search engines.   By using the […]

keyword research

Squirrly Keyword Research

Two resources: Video and Slideshare. In the video you see how to use it and pick the best keywords. In the slideshare, you see a few simple steps to follow when you need to start using it: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more SEO techniques you can implement from […]

Squirrly Snippet

Squirrly Snippet Tool

The Squirrly Snippet Tool shows you how your article will look like on search engines. By customizing it, you will boost the conversion rate. Note that ‘search engines’ does not only stand for Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. Social media networks are also based on a search engine premise. Pinterest, for instance, is a platform where […]