How to Get the Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you already set the Google Analytics Tracking Code before and you need the tracking code later, follow these steps: Go to Google Analytics and select your websites. Go to Admin section from your website panel  Select the desired Property on which you want to track the traffic and select the Tracking […]

Easy steps to change the posts order in WordPress Blog

You can ether install a plugin like or add the next lines in the function.php file from your wordpress theme. add_filter ( ‘posts_orderby’, ‘custom_posts_order’, 99, 1); function custom_posts_order( $orderby) { if (is_category()){ return ‘post_modified DESC’; } }   I’ve changed the custom order from ‘post_date DESC’ to ‘post_modified DESC’ to have […]

Squirrly Site Audit

Tracks all the aspects of your Content Marketing strategy: Blogging, Keywords, SEO, Authority, Traffic, Social Signals. It doesn’t just track them and gives you a score, it also gives you Professional advice on how to fix problems and improve your marketing. You’ll be able to send problems related to SEO […]