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seo journey

Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 6

Goal for today:

  • Make the Snippet to be ALL Green for your Focus Page, Install Google Analytics and Start Sharing to Social Media

Today is an exciting day where you’ll get to:

  • make the snippet Green (and understand why it’s sometimes red)
  • install Google Analytics and connect it to Squirrly SEO
  • fix time on page readings for your Google Analytics
  • start sharing to social media (using proven methods). AND even for cases when you feel that because you don’t have followers, social media sharing is pointless. (I only ask that you are serious when you do this and share messages that make sense, where they make sense)

Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 5

Goals for today:

  • Use Briefcase to structure SEO Context keywords around the main keyword from your Focus Page.
  • Optimize the Focus Page to at least 30% for the secondary (SEO Context) keywords you select.

Go to the SEO Live Assistant to add the SEO Context keywords to your Focus Page.

Let’s Start with the Theory

If I were to write about “tires”, people could think that I’m writing about a certain product or a certain activity (see? already two different things) that tires you out.

That’s what people could think. That’s what Google’s algorithm could think as well because Google imitates the way human beings process data. That’s what allows it to provide amazing results on SERPs.


Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 4

Goal for today:

  • Run a New SEO Test & make sure all visibility settings are Green for the Focus Page. Start tracking your rankings on Google.

These will be the most important things to achieve today. They will ensure your Focus Page has a solid chance of getting ranked.

However, there are other important mini-tasks shown below that you’ll have to solve (if you haven’t already solved them).


Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 1

Goal for today:

  • choose a Focus Page and analyze all the corresponding Red elements.

The page you will choose today will be the page (can be a Page, a Custom Post Type, a blog article, an e-commerce product) that you will focus on during this 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

By following the guidance provided throughout this journey, you will be able to improve the rankings for the Focus Page you pick today. Therefore, it should be an important page.


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